Khajuraho and Panna National Park

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Why go to Khajurajo and Panna?

Temples in Khajuraho are famous for their erotic sculpture. Only 20 temples from this period have survived the last 1000 years. The rest have been destroyed by the muslim rulers of the Delhi Sultanate that ruled northern India from 1206-1526 AD.

Most of these temples are for Shiva, the god of destruction and his consort. Shiva is the god that all “Tantriks” follow. Tantra is a sanskrit word that means exposition or a treatise. Some of the teachings of tantra, especially around the body, sex and meditation have been adopted around the world.

Tantra talks about channeling energy from the god head to attain moksha or enlightenment.

An over night train ride or a 6 hour flight can get you to a magical place in the heart of India. The temples of Khajuraho contain thousand year old hindu temples with elaborate sculptures depiciting couples in states of sexual union. Yes, its hard to believe but it is true.

Panna national park has wild tigers, deers, boars, etc. You can do both of these in a day or over two days and two nights.

How to get to Khajuraho?

Take the overnight train. The train is comfortable and reaches on time, most of the time.

You can take the Air India flight from Delhi to Khajuraho which has a 30minute stop over in Varanasi but it does not run every day and I dont think it’s reliable. 

We recommend the overnight train. 

Itinerary for Khajuraho

Day 1 - Arrive in Khajuraho and see the Temples
If you arrive by the morning train from Delhi then check in at your hotel. Book the morning safari to Kanha for the next day and go straight to the western group of Temples.

Spend the afternoon leisurely at the western temple complex. Spend most of the time at the Kandariya Mahadev Complex

Spend the night at your hotel
Day 2 - Morning Safari
Spend the morning going to Panna National Park. Jeeps should leave at 6AM and bring you back around 11AM.
Day 3 - Leave for your next destination
Catch the evening train on Day 2 or the afternoon flight on Day 3

How much time to spend in Khajuraho

Spend at least two days and two nights. You can squeeze in all the important sights in two days and one night too but you’ll have to plan your travel well to make that happen.

Where to stay in Khajuraho

Where to eat

Eat at the hotel. Both hotels have good Indian food. Dont experiment with western food in the heartland. It wont be very good.

Getting to Panna National Park

There are many guided tours to Panna. Book in advance because they can sell out and chances are that you will not have more than a day in Khajuraho

Lots of information here on the tiger reserve:

The safaris costs anything from USD 30 – USD 50 per person. Get a good guide. You will be able to see tigers, leopards, crocodiles, boars and elephants. You can even have lunch at the Ken river and enjoy the solitude. 

The safaris get crowded in the winters. Most people avoid central India in the summers because it gets really hot so book early and go early. Leave the planning to the hotel so that you can just show up and enjoy your trip. 

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