The Experience Delhi Podcast is the first ever podcast for travellers to Delhi.

Ketaki and Anubhav explore the streets to give you a rich context for your trip to Delhi. We cover lots of common questions from Arranged marriages to the history of Delhi in the first six episode of this podcast. Its absolutely free. Have a listen. If you like it, take the shopping tour or the buy our books.

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EP 6 – Arranged marriages in India

How are marriages arranged? What is happens? What about matrimonial ads in newspapers, do they work? Do arranged marriages succeed, are they still popular and many more questions are covered in this episode.

EP 5 – Two Shopkeepers in Delhi

Contrasting tales of a young jeweller who chose to open shop in old Delhi and of a 200 year old shop that sells perfumes on the same street.

EP 4 – People of Delhi

Who lives in Delhi? What constitutes the 25 million people here. What do they do? Hear the heartwarming tale of a rickshaw driver, a migrant worker in Delhi

uasar Ali is a rickshaw driver in New Delhi.

Quasar Ali is a rickshaw driver in New Delhi.

EP 3 – A historian’s take on Delhi

Meet Dr. Swapna Liddle – Author, historian and much more tell us what’s interesting about Delhi and what travellers should not miss on their trip to Delhi

Swapna Liddle and Ketaki

Swapna Liddle and Ketaki talk about Delhi

EP 2 – History of Delhi

EP 1 – Introduction to the Experience Delhi Podcast & hosts: Ketaki and Anubhav

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