Experience Delhi – Walks


By Ketaki



See hidden parts of Delhi on your own. With over 22 kilometers (14 miles) covered over eight walks. This is the first and only book on self guided walks in Delhi including a detailed walk through Chandni Chowk.

Detailed Google maps help you navigate through the walks outlined in the book. We also include a visual walkthrough for each of these walks so that you can see what the walk will be like and what you will see during the walk. This context helps you get more out of your walk and your time in Delhi.

You can take guided tours and spend hundreds of dollars or buy this book and do it yourself.

Delhi is a hard city to navigate for first time visitors and it is our mission to ensure you end up loving our city and not get taken from one tourist trap to the next, like most visitors. Whether you are traveling for business or travel, the “Experience Delhi” ebooks helps you get the most of your time in Delhi.


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