Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Market

Ultimate Guide – Hauz Khas Village Market

Hauz khas village (HKV) market is a small but upscale market in New Delhi. It is an calm oasis in the middle of chaotic Delhi. It is located next to a 13th century water body. The market has exclusive art and clothing stores. It has great bars and cafes that over look ancient monuments.
It is a not to be missed market in Delhi … Read More

Best Neighbourhoods To Stay In Delhi For Tourists

Picking the right neighborhood to stay is very important. Especially in a bustling city, as diverse as Delhi. Be sure to choose a location that checks all the boxes- safe, easily approachable, closer to the tourist spots and markets.  Based … Read More

Mosque at Hauz Khas

Ultimate Hauz Khas Walk in Delhi

  The ultimate Hauz Khas walk Easy 1.5 kms/ 1.2 Miles 3 Hours Hauz Khas Orientation Haus Khas is located in southern Delhi and is easily reached by the yellow line from most parts of Delhi. A short autorickshaw ride … Read More

Taj fogged out entirely

What to do in Delhi in winters

October to February are great months to be in Delhi. You can finally sit outside and eat without having to worry about carrying a change of clothes as you sweat through another sultry day in Delhi. These months can feel … Read More

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