EP 2 – History of Delhi

In this episode of the Experience Delhi podcast Ketaki and Anubhav cover the 3000 year history of Delhi in 15 minutes of so! We cover the 8 cities of Delhi and talk about what is interesting about Mehrauli, Siri, Tughlaqabad, Jahapanah, Shergarh, Ferozabad, Shahjahanabad or Old Delhi and then New Delhi. We discusss the influence of the Mughal rulers and the British on Delhi as well.


Delhi has been inhabited for a very long time. We cover the 8 cities of Delhi

  1. Lal Kot & Mehrauli: Qutub Minar and the mosque made from pillars from an ancient temple
  2. Siri: Siri Fort, Hauz Khas with the ancient dormitory
  3. Tughlaqabad
  4. Jahanpanah
  5. Firozobad
  6. The city around Purana Qila (old fort)
  7. Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi)
  8. New Delhi

We also discuss Humayun, Shahjahan and the movement of the capital of India to Agra.

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