EP 6 – Arranged Marriages in India

In this episode Ketaki and Anubhav discuss arranged marriages. We cover how are marriages arranged? What is happens? What about matrimonial ads in newspapers, do they work? Do arranged marriages succeed, are they still popular and many more questions are covered in this episode.


Ketaki and Anubhav read out matrimonials and try to decipher all the acronyms used to save money before moving onto discussing commonly asked questions around arranged marriages. Are they common, how do they work.

Ketaki and Anubhav discuss their marriage and then get a point of view of a young girl and a boy on arranged marriages. We discuss the families point of view when they place an advertisement in the classified section of a newspaper.

We discuss second marriages and sites like secondshaadi.com, bharatmatrinmoney.com, shaadi.com which are now used more than newspaper classified to place ads. A quick look on shaadi.com will show you how diverse Indians are. You can find matches based on community, mother tongue or religion.

Finally, we talk about marriage bureaus and the role of neighborhood barbers and the barber’s wife in setting up alliances. That was the common way to find a match just 50 years ago when my parents got married.

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