Ultimate Guide to hotels in Delhi

In this Ultimate Guide to hotels in Delhi, we give you our pick of the best hotels in Delhi. We list major features of each of these hotels in Delhi so that you can pick what suits you. We have ranked these hotels based on our personal experience and the experience of our guests at these hotels.

It is important to know why you should stay at each of these hotels. 11 Detailed posts for each of these hotels in the provides that information. We hope you find this Ultimate Guide to hotels in Delhi useful for your stay in Delhi.

List of Best hotels in Delhi

  1. The Imperial Hotel, Delhi
  2. The Leela Palace, Delhi
  3. The Oberoi Hotel, Delhi
  4. The Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi
  5. The Le Meridien, Delhi
  6. The Shangri-la hotel, Delhi
  7. The Claridges Hotel, Delhi
  8. The Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi (post coming soon)
  9. ITC Maurya, Delhi (post coming soon)
  10. The Hyatt Regency, Delhi
  11. The LaLit, Delhi

Finally, if hotels are not your thing, pick from one of these Airbnbs in Delhi

Read on further for commentary on why our list is ranked the way it is.

Why is the Imperial Hotel #1 on our list of places to stay in Delhi?

  • It has the most character
  • It has beautiful paintings on the wall
  • The lobby always a smells great
  • The flower arrangement at the lobby is beautiful
  • It’s restaurants are great.
  • Close to various local restaurants if you do not want to eat at the hotel
  • Weather you stay here on not, you must eat at the Spice Route Restaurant at the Imperial
  • It is located centrally and close to the metro and an amazing step well
  • It is surprisingly not as expensive as others on the list.
  • It is close to sights in New and Old Delhi
  • More details about the Imperial hotel here

Why stay at the Leela Palace, New Delhi?

  • It is opulent
  • It is the most expensive, recently built hotel in Delhi. Although the Oberoi recently renovated too.
  • It will probably never break even
  • It has a beautiful pool on the roof
  • It is room and restaurants are well appointed and luxurious
  • It can be good value for money if you book in advance
  • Details about the Leela Palace hotel here

Why stay at the Oberoi hotel, New Delhi?

  • Luxurious
  • Renovated and reopened in 2019
  • Fantastic views from the roof top bar. Go there even if you dont stay here
  • Nicely appointed rooms
  • Upgraded restaurants
  • Close to Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah
  • Close to the renovated Sundar Nursery in 2020
  • Close to Humayun’s Tomb, which is one of three world heritage sites in Delhi
  • Close to Khan Market
  • Close to sights in New and Old Delhi

Why stay at the Shangri-la or the Le Meridien hotel in Delhi?

  • Both centrally located. Very close to the Imperial and Connaught place
  • They are Luxurious properties and very comparable to each other
  • They have good restaurants and bars in the hotel
  • Both hotels are right opposite each other
  • Close to various local restaurants if you do not want to spend too much on eating at the hotel
  • Details about the Meridien hotel here
  • Details about the Shangri-la Delhi here

Why Stay at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi?

  • One of the oldest 5 star hotels in Delhi
  • Great location. Right behind Khan Market and close to New Delhi sights
  • The Taj group has impeccable hospitality and is completely owned by the Tata group
  • It has good restaurants
  • Do not confuse this with the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi

Why stay at the Claridges Hotel in Delhi?

  • It is a much smaller and boutique hotel in Delhi
  • It is a little bit further away from Connaught place but close enough to new Delhi sights
  • Quiet and reasonably priced.
  • Close to some local eateries

What about the Taj Palace and the ITC Maurya?

Both of these hotels are luxurious 5-star hotels. However, they are not as close to popular sights as other hotels on our list.

These hotels are closer to the airport. The road in front of the hotels gets really crowded in the evening commute hours. This makes getting in and out really difficult.

There are stills some good reasons to stay here. The hotels have good restaurants including the legendary Bukhara at the ITC Maurya. Additionally, Dum Phukt at the Maurya is also worth eating at. We haven’t eaten at the restaurants at the Taj and hence cannot recommend them.

The rooms at these hotels are well appointed.

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