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Pelurihno Carnaval

Three week itinerary for Brazil

Here is how to spend three amazing weeks in Brazil during the Carnaval

Brazil or Brasil is a huge country. It is rightfully famous for the Carnaval in March and the beaches and the Amazon rain forests. Here is how to see the highlights in three weeks.

Three week Itinerary for Brazil on a map

Here is how to do three weeks in Brazil. You will most likely land in Rio since its the most popular international aiport. Leave for Foz. See Rio on the way back as you work through this three week itinerary for Brazil

Week 1: Foz de Iguassu and Amazon
Spend the first week getting to Foz de Igaussu and then to the Amazon rain forest via Manaus
Week 2: Recife, Olinda, Porto Gallinhas & Salvador
Visit the coastal towns of Recife and enjoy the carnaval in Salvador. Its more participatory than Rio
Week 3: Rio and Ilha Grande
See the Carnaval at the Sambadrome. See Rio’s sights and people.Head out to Ilha Grande to relax

What to do in Foz de Iguassu

Fly to Iguassu from Rio and spend two days in Foz. See the falls and the zoo. Have a nice meal at the Tropical das cataratas.

This is the largest water fall system in the world and also the 6th largest in terms of water flow. It is an amazing sight. Go right down to the falls to feel the water. You can always take a helicopter tour if you are pressed for time. 

You can also take the full day biking and kayaking tour of the rain forests – Banieras Jungle safari. 

Foz de iguassu
Foz De Iguassu
Ketaki at Foz de iguassu
Ketaki at Foz de Iguassu
Foz de iguassu - wide
Foz de Iguassu

What to do in Manaus

Fly out to Manaus from Iguassu. 

Manaus if the gateway to the Amazon and the Amazon’s are a great sight to see.

We took a four day tour of the Amazon. It was great. We felt we were being shown around by locals. Jerry was a great host and his team made us do fun activities like:

  1. Sleep in hammocks
  2. Hike into the forests to see local flora
  3. See local settlements and see how people live in this environment
  4. Fishing
  5. Catching crocodiles at night. This was a lot of fun
  6. Handle a boa constrictor
  7. Cook food from local root vegetables

I think they are now offering the tour via Iguana Tours


The Van in Manaus
Van in Manaus
Sleeping in hammocks
Sleeping on hammocks
Our hut in the amazon
Our hut in the amazon
Cocking casawa
Cooking local root vegetables
Evening at the amazon forest
Sunset in the amazon
Fishing with locals
Fishing with the locals
Extracting Latex in the amazon
Extracting latex in the amazon
Making rubber in the amazon
Making rubber
Catching crocodiles in the amazon
Catching crocodiles at night
Swimming with the piranas
Swimming with Piranhas

See Brasilia

We had a 3 hour stop over in Brasilia. We took a cab to see the architecture in Brasilia.

Brasilia 2Brasilia 2Brasilia 3Brasilia 3BrasiliaBrasilia

What to do in Recife, Olinda and Natal

Recife, the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco. Recife and Olinda have nice beaches and are slightly off the tourist circuit. Good places to relax before you head to Salvador. 

See the Boa Viagem Beach and the pastel houses in Olinda. The Carnaval was picking up as we headed to Olinda. We ran into festivities where ever we went. 

Olinda Market
Olinda Market
Olinda Beach Crab
Olinda Beach Crab
Porto Gallinas
Porto Gallinas
Olinda Carnival and Ketaki
Olinda Carnival and Ketaki
Olinda Carnival
Olinda Carnival

Take the bus to Salvador de bahia.

Bus to Salvador
Bus to Salvador

What to do in Salvador de bahia

Since we only wanted to do three days of the Carvanal in Salvador, we stayed in Itapoa and took the bus into the main city. Itapoa has a nice beach and is quiet and open.

Take the elevator to the old town of Pelurinho. It is beautiful and Michael Jackson’s “they don’t really care about us” was shot in Pelurinho. The pastel colored houses and cobbled streets are full of activity in the days of the carnaval.

Unlike the cordoned off festivities in Rio, the carnaval in Pelurinho is participatory. Various streets go through the streets. There are a lot of colors. There is a lot of dancing, drumming and dress up. Pelurinho was the best part of our trip.

Do try acaraje from the Bahiana women. Its fried in Dende oil and really tasty.

Head off to Rio to see the Carnaval at Sambadrome.

Pelurihno CarnavalPelurihno CarnavalPelurihno CarnavalPainted Men in PelurinhoPelurihno Carnaval 2Pelurinho streetsPelurinho streetsPelurinho AcarajePelurinho AcarajeSalvador CarnavalSalvador CarnavalKetaki and Bahiana womenKetaki and Bahiana womenCarnaval procession in SalvadorCarnaval procession in SalvadorBahaiana women at the CarnavalBahaiana women at the CarnavalCarnaval Pelurinho StreetsCarnaval Pelurinho StreetsPelurinho carnaval processionPelurinho carnaval processionHair braiding in PelurinhoHair braiding in PelurinhoFilhos de Gandhi PelurinhoFilhos de Gandhi PelurinhoCarnival Costumes at PelurinhoCarnival Costumes at PelurinhoSunset in SalvadorSunset in Salvadorpelourinho

What to do in Rio de Janeiro and Isla Grande

We bought tickets on the night of the carnaval. It was fairly easy to get in and got good seats. We spend the entire night at the sambadrome watching each samba school dance to impress the judges.

We went to see the sights next afternoon. We saw Corcovado, statue of Jesus the redeemer and Pao de acucar with great views of Rio from both. We spent the evening at Ipanema. The beaches in Rio are great for families and for people watching. It felt like everyone was wearing a bikini and it was ok inspite of body type. There was impromptu dancing on the beach during the days of the Carnaval.

We headed out to Ilha Grande the day after the Carnaval ended. Ilha Grande is a big island about 2-3 hours from Rio via bus and ferry. It is a place to relax away from the big city. We had countless caipirinhas and sweet in the central square and stumbled back to our pousada each of the two nights we were there.

We highly recommend Ilha Grande. It was a great end to our three weeks in Brazil.

Pao de acucarPao de acucarPao de acucarRio at nightRio at nightRio at nightRio and CorcovadoRio and CorcovadoRio and Corcovadopao de acucar-copacabana-flamengopao de acucar-copacabana-flamengopao de acucar-copacabana-flamengoRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradeRio carnaval paradesambadromesambadromesambadromeCorcovado and ketakiCorcovado and ketakiCorcovado and ketakiRio from CorcovadoRio from CorcovadoRio from Corcovadocorcovadocorcovadocorcovadoipanemaipanema

Pictures from Ilha Grande

Cachaca and Churros at Ilha GrandeCachaca and Churros at Ilha GrandeCachaca and Churros at Ilha GrandeIlha Grande beachIlha Grande beachIlha Grande beachSweet Seller at Ilha GrandeSweet Seller at Ilha GrandeSweet Seller at Ilha GrandeIlha GrandeIlha GrandeIlha Grande

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USA Itinerary

Five weeks itinerary for the USA with family


Five week Itinerary for the USA with family

Here is an amazing five week itinerary for the USA with family. We will cover:

  • Where to go in the united states of America?
  • How to enjoy the national parks in the USA?
  • Which cities to visit?
  • What to see on the east coast?
  • What to see on the west coast of the USA?

Week 1 – See the East coast
Spend 3 days in NYC, 2 in Washington DC and one in Philadelphia. You an consider swapping DC and Philly with Boston if you want to see famous educational institutions on the east coast
Week 2 – Experience Disney theme and waterparks
Kids will love you for taking them to Disney parks in Orlando. Stay at the Pop Resort. Be sure to visit all waterparks. They are a lot of fun. Book early.
Week 3 – See Yellowstone National Park and SF
4 Days in Yellowstone and 3 in San Francisco.
Take the flight from Orlando to Sun Valley Idaho. Rent a car. Spend the night at Redfish lake. Drive through the Craters on the moon national park on the way to Yellow stone national park.
Return the car at Jackson hole and take the flight to SF. Stay for 3 nights before driving down the pacific coast highway
Week 4 – Camp along the PCH and to Las Vegas
Rent a car in SF to return in LA. Camp at three amazing sites along the pacific coast highway between SF and Los Angeles. Get to Las Vegas and spend 3 days there before heading out to the Grand Canyon.
Week 5 – Grand Canyon and Los Angeles
Spend atleast one night at the Grand Canyon lodge to watch the sunrise and take the morning bus tour of the national park.
Drive back to Los Angeles and spend 4 days there looking at the sights and universal studios before catching your fight out of LAX.

Week 1 on the East coast

New york city with kids

Spend 3 days in New york city. NYC has great sights to see but the kids will love to go to:

  • Natural history museum
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Horse carriage ride through central park
  • Chess players at Washington Square park
  • The lights at time square at night

These playgrounds in NYC are great for kids to relax

  • Evelyn Square playground
  • Hells Kitchen playground
  • Carl Schurz – East side park

Drive to Washington DC

What to do in DC with kids

The Smithsonian museums are some of the best in the world. Spend atleast two days so that the kids can see

  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Then move onto other sights on the national mall, which is very similar to the India Gate area in New Delhi. See them side by side on google maps.


  1. Lincoln memorial
  2. The White house
  3. The capitol building

Move onto Philadelphia and see the liberty bell and Independence hall or catch the flight to Orlando from DC.

Images from NYC

Central Park
Central Park
Central Park 2
Central Park 2
Central Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo
Evelyn Square playground
Evelyn Square playground
Grand Central
Grand Central
Slice of Pizza for kids
Slice of Pizza for kids
Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park
Kids with Policeman
Kids with Policeman
NYC Chess Club
NYC Chess Club
NYC Skyline - South
NYC Skyline – South
Statue of liberty and a plane
Statue of liberty and a plane
Wall street and kids
Wall street and kids
WTC memorial
WTC memorial

Images from Washington DC

National MallNational MallNational MallKetaki in DCKetaki in DCKetaki in DCFirst HumansFirst HumansFirst HumansDrink Water like a GiraffeDrink Water like a GiraffeDrink Water like a GiraffeT-Rex SimulationT-Rex SimulationT-Rex SimulationWright aeroplanesWright aeroplanesWright aeroplanesLincoln memorialLincoln memorialLincoln memorial

Week 2 in Florida

What to do in Orlando with kids

We went to Orlando to ensure the kids saw all Disney parks including the waterparks. We spent 5 long, tiring days in Orlando and could have spent even more. Trust me, if you want to do more that Disney, you will need even more time than 5 days. And, anything over five days in Orlando is just too much. It is too tiring, too hot, too crowded, etc, etc.

Disney Theme Parks

Disney Water Parks

The best way to do this is to buy tickets and hotel directly from Disney and book all rides well in advance of getting to the parks. Pre planning can save you over 3 hours in each theme park. All the parks are worth going to and need at least one day each.

The kids really enjoyed the waterparks. Sometimes the hurricane warnings can shutdown the parks so be patient. Often times, its only a 30 minute interruption.

The longer you stay the cheaper the per day ticket costs become.

Spend time planning your entire trip on

Stay within the Disney parks since they have buses to take you to and back from each Disney park. You dont have to rent a car or worry about parking, etc.

Have fun and then head out to Yellowstone, away from the crowds of Orlando to the land of bisons and bears.

Pictures of Orlando and Disneyland

Magic Kingdom
Magic kingdom with family
Sketching workshop
Mickey and Minnie
Magic Kingdom Cars
Castle 2
Tree of life 2
Disney Electrical Parade
Elephants in the rain
Tree of life
Painted Truck
Forbidden mountain
Wilderness explorer books
Tired kids

Week 3 in Yellowstone and then San Francisco

Sun valley and Redfish lake in Idaho are amazing. We flew into Sun Valley, rented a car to be returned at Jackson hole and started our drive through this beautiful part of the world.

The drive is marked on the map. Follow it. It takes you through craters of the moon national park and other scenic locations on the way to Canyon Lodge and Cabins in Yellowstone. Its a long drive and will take an entire day.

Spend the next two days driving up to Mammoth and spending the night there. Come back down to Canyon lodge the next day. Day 4 – Drive to Jackson hole, return your car and fly to the west coast – San Francisco.

What to do in San Francisco with kids?

Go to:

  1. Union Square
  2. Lombard St
  3. Fillmore St to see San Francisco’s crazy topology
  4. Twin peaks to see the view of the city and take pictures
  5. Skip Alcatraz and hike Angel Island instead. Camp there to have an experience that very few tourists do
  6. See the nighttime view of San Francisco from Treasure island
  7. One afternoon – take the long walk through Golden Gate Park all the way to Ocean beach.
  8. If you can ditch the kids, go to the wine country. If not, go hiking in Marin County. The hike at Stinson beach is easy and worth it.

There is a lot to do in the San Francisco area. Three days is not enough.

Where to eat in San Francisco

  1. Breakfast at Dotties’ True Blue cafe
  2. Breakfast at Chloe’s Cafe, Church Street – if you like eggs
  3. Breakfast at Hollywood Cafe on North Beach street
  4. Lunch Sandwiches at Molinari’s Deli in North Beach
  5. Burrito’s at Taqueria Cancun in the mission or at the fancy mexican at Gracias Madre or Tacolicious on Valencia St.
  6. Ice cream at Ghirardeli Square
  7. Chicago style pizza at Patxi’s
  8. Chicago style pizza at Zachary’s in Berkeley or Oakland
  9. Bread and pastries at Tartine Bakery
  10. Pastries and coffee at Stella Cafe in North beach
  11. Eat at established high end dining places like
    1. Hakkasan
    2. Gary Danko
    3. Michael Mina – Westin St. Francis
    4. Atelier Crenn
    5. Amber Indian Restaurant – Market St.

Again, there are way too many good places to eat in SF or in New York than you can cover in 3 days.

Moving onto the pacific coast highway.

Images of Yellowstone and San Francisco

Drive to YellowstoneDrive to YellowstoneDrive to YellowstoneDrive to Yellowstone 2Drive to Yellowstone 2Drive to Yellowstone 2Bison herdBison herdBison herdBisonBisonBisonExcelsior GeyserExcelsior GeyserExcelsior GeyserBears eating a deerBears eating a deerBears eating a deerBear and three cubs with a deerBear and three cubs with a deerBear and three cubs with a deerDeerDeerDeerGrand Prismatic springGrand Prismatic springGrand Prismatic springMammoth hot springs hotelMammoth hot springs hotelMammoth hot springs hotelOld faithfulOld faithfulOld faithfulPicnic at MammothPicnic at MammothPicnic at MammothRedfish lake and mountainsRedfish lake and mountainsRedfish lake and mountainsRedfish lakeRedfish lakeRedfish lakeSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelStreamsStreamsStreamsTainted woodTainted woodTainted woodVastness of yellowstoneVastness of yellowstoneVastness of yellowstoneYellostone lake with kidsYellostone lake with kidsYellostone lake with kidsYellowstone - Volcanic activityYellowstone – Volcanic activityYellowstone – Volcanic activityYellowstone general storeYellowstone general storeYellowstone general storeYellowstone lake lodgeYellowstone lake lodgeYellowstone lake lodgeJackson hole airportJackson hole airportJackson hole airport

Cable car
Ghirardelli Square
Golden gate bridge
Sea gull
Golden gate park
Golden gate park concert
Golden gate park playground
Ketaki at Ocean beach
Lombard Street
Union Square
Zachary's pizza
Cypress at Pebble beach
17 mile drive - Pebble beach
17 mile drive - elephant seals

Week 4 on the pacific coast highway and the drive to Las Vegas

Rent a nice car in San Francisco and return it at LAX

Spend three nights camping on the drive from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. Here are our favorites:

  1. Pfeiffer burn’s national park in the redwoods
  2. Lime kiln park by the beach
  3. Pismo beach – family camping and activities

It will get cold at the coast so make sure your sleeping bags are warm. If you missed seeing the elephant seals at Pier 39 in San Francisc, you should definitely see the elephant seals at the Elephant Seal Vista point at San Simeon. It’s the most accessible place for you to see then in the USA. It is also worth going to Hearst castle in San Simeon.

Head to Las Vegas from here.

What to do in Las Vegas with kids

The beds in Vegas will feel great after 3 nights of camping on the coast. Watch O at the Bellagio. It is the most spectacular show you will sea.

Show them the outrageous hotels like the Wynn and the Bellagio. Stay at the Paris hotel and Spa so that you can see the fountains of the Bellagio from your window every evening.

Watch the fountains right in front of the Bellagio at night. Its an amazing show. Add more shows if you have the budget for it. The Blue man group is fun for kids too.

Head out to the Grand Canyon – South rim

Pictures of the pacific coast highway campgrounds and Las Vegas

Elephant seals
Pfeiffer Burns Camp
Pfeiffer Burns Waterfall
Pfeiffer Burns
Big Sur
Lime Kiln beach
Lime Kiln campground and river
Pismo Beach campground beach
Lime Kiln beach
Pismo Beach campground
Bellagio lobby
Limo at panorama towers
The strip

Week 5 – Grand Canyon and Los Angeles

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim is a 4 hour drive.

Grand Canyon to Los Angeles is 7.5 hours. Plan your drive. It might be good to stop at Vegas on the way back to LA to catch your flight out of the USA.

Grand Canyon South Rim is open throughout the year and is at an average altitude of 7000ft. It is a hard to appreciate the scale of the grand canyon just from a single vantage point. If you have the time for it, hike down the canyon and see the inner canyon.

he Inner Canyon
includes everything below the rim and is seen mainly by hikers, backpackers, mule riders, or river runners.

The inner canyon is a harsh desert environment with little shade and summer temperatures over 100°F. (>38°C)

This is the best guide to hiking the grand canyon since it is from the national park service itself.

If you dont have the time and muscle to hike, spend the money to take a helicopter tour of the canyon. There are many service providers and we cannot recommend one over the other.

Spend the night at the Grand Canyon Lodge and experience the sun rise.

Drive to Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles

LA is massive. Its best to think of it as a set of small cities put together. The cities and things to do for tourists in Los Angeles are:

  1. Hollywood – Walk of fame, Dolby Theatre, etc
  2. Venice Beach – People watching
  3. Universal City – Adventure park
  4. Santa Monica Pier
  5. Paramount studio tour
  6. The Griffith Observatory
  7. A Concert at the Hollywood bowl

If you like standup comedy, make sure you go to the comedy store’s original room. It is a historically important place for American stand up comedy and gets A-list names in comedy every night.

The La Brea Tar Pits have over 3000 reviews on google and have a 4.5 star rating. It is worth seeing if you have time.

Photos from the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon sunset
Ketaki at the grand canyon
Grand Canyon lodge
Grand Canyon sunrise 2
Grand Canyon Sunrise
Grand Canyon sunrise 3
Grand Canyon sunrise 4
Grand Canyon Day
Ketaki and the chopper

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