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The paradox of choice

There are over four thousand tours of Delhi on Tripadvisor, Airbnb and Getyourguide. Most travellers like you do not have the time go through each tour and select the right one for you and your family. Further, it is hard to know:

  • What are best things to do during your stay in Delhi
  • Where can you eat cheap and yummy Indian food without getting sick (Delhi Belly)
  • Where to shop and get great value from the money you spend and make this trip special
  • How to experience the real culture of the country or a city

We get it.

You do not want to end up on a cookie cutter, group tour of Delhi. Or, stuff yourself on a food tour in 2-3 hours.

Many “local tours” are run by suspect guides. The guides might be local but they can’t tell you stories that make the facts matter.

You do not want be taken to a “cousin’s shop” by your guide and be sold overpriced items. Every day of travel is costing you money and you want to spend it well – on experiences that matter and stay with you long after the trip is over. 

Take the best tour in Delhi

Ketaki’s tours are customised to your needs. Unlike most other tour operators in Delhi, all our tours are led by Ketaki herself. She is an expert storyteller and an experienced traveller that’s been to 31 countries and lived outside India. This gives her much better context for her conversations with you and she can compare and contrast Indian customs and rituals with others around the world. 

Ketaki is an expert shopper and cook. Take this tour and never get fleeced throughout your trip to India.

Get a smart, educated and entrepreneurial woman’s point of on Delhi.

Enjoy our culture, shopping, fragrances and food on these amazing tours of Delhi.

Join the select group of travellers that have taken her tours. Have the amazing experience they had. View our testimonials below.

Look no further, Ketaki’s tours have won Tripadvisors certificate of excellence 5 years in a row! There isn’t a better way to see Delhi. 

Book directly with us to save money and customise the tour to your needs. 

    Tours of Delhi

    Best tour of Delhi
    8 hours

    Shopping Tour of Delhi

    8 hours to get the best bargains in your bag

    Food tour of Delhi
    4 hours

    Food Tour of Delhi

    4 hrs of delicious street food in Old Delhi and a visit to the spice market

    Mehrauli Step well
    8-12 hours

    Delhi One Day Tour

    Sightseeing, cultural, food and shopping tour of Delhi

    Mehrauli Step well
    8-12 hours

    Delhi One Day Tour

    Sightseeing, cultural, food and shopping tour of Delhi

    Old Delhi from the rooftop
    4-6 hours

    Delhi Half Day Tour

    Half day tour of Delhi

    Ketaki at Radhanagar Beach
    4-12 hours

    Guided Tour of Delhi

    Guided tour of Delhi

    Scalloped arched door
    4-10 hours

    Old Delhi

    Old Delhi Tour


    Book with us directly

      Bespoke tours of Delhi.

      Treat yourself to our bespoke private tours, with an itinerary based entirely around your personal wish list!
      Owner-operator Ketaki will curate your day-long experience and act as your guide as you seek out hidden treasures in areas of Delhi that few visitors are ever lucky enough to find.
      Your day will typically begin with pick-up from your hotel at 10.30am. Then, sit back and relax as you’re whisked around Delhi’s various shopping locales, stopping to savour some safe street food for lunch before getting back to the business of scoring your next quality purchase.
      You’ll master the art of shopping like a local, and still make it back to your hotel in time to get fashionably dressed for dinner!
      Street food tasting included

      Why Experience Delhi With Us

      There are two types of guides. Those who have real passion for the city, its people, culture and history and take pride in sharing their knowledge and those who are just going through the motions and treat tour-guiding as a soulless commercial enterprise. We are the former.


      All Delhi tours are led by Ketaki. She owns this labour of love and loves Delhi

      Safety First

      We are fully committed to your safety and make sure that you can enjoy our city


      Feel like you are with family in this incredible city of Delhi

      What's Included

      Enjoy a full guided tour through the bustling markets of old Delhi in our chauffeur driven air conditioned sedan.

      Pick and Drop

      We will pick and drop you from your hotel and manage all transportation for the experience

      Street Food in Old Delhi

      We will sample safe street food from established and trusted vendors throughout the experience

      Photo op

      There is the lots of opportunities to capture memorable moments and sights of the city


      Yes, ofcourse. Its included.

      Day in the life of

      Experience a slice of life of "Delhi-ites"

      Stories from Ketaki

      Get context for your trip. Hear the why and behind the what in your Delhi experience

      Or book our Delhi experiences and tours with Airbnb or Tripadvisor

      Markets and Merchants

      You can book a shorter Markets and Merchants Experience at Airbnb. A top rated full day experience only for Airbnb guests

      Old Delhi tour for Busy travelers

      This is a A top rated, 4-hour, evening experience exclusively for Airbnb business travelers. A great end to a busy day at work.

      Delhi Shopping Tour on Viator

      You can book the full day Delhi Shopping Tour on Viator's online booking platform if you dont want to book with us directly

      Delhi Shopping Tour

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