The Experience Delhi Podcast

The Experience Delhi Podcast is the first ever podcast for travellers to Delhi. Ketaki and Anubhav explore the streets to give you a rich context for your trip to Delhi. We cover lots of common questions from arranged marriages to the history of Delhi in the first six episodes of this podcast, its absolutely free. Have a listen. If you like it, take the shopping tour or buy our books.

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EP10 – Understanding the caste system in India

Ketaki and Anubhav speak with their friend Akhilesh and try to make sense of the caste system. Unlike every thing else you’ll read about the caste system, we cover both the positives and negatives of the caste system in India. We discuss this system of social stratification and its lack of relevance in modern urban India society.

EP9 – RJ Sarthak Kaushik on what’s interesting in Delhi

RJ Sarthak is the same age as Ketaki and I and we have a lot of shared memories. of Delhi. We discussed how things have become better and where is the heart of Delhi today and how to find it in your travel to Delhi. Sarthak is incredibly funny and genuine. Hope you like listening to this episode

EP8 – Explaining Hinduism to travellers to Delhi, India

This is it. Ketaki and Anubhav speak with a close friend, Akhilesh to understand what is Hinduism? Why it is hard to understand Hinduism from a western perspective? We then talk about the goal of life as per Indian philosophy or Darshanas. We briefly cover a few of the nine philosophies in ancient India.

EP 7 – Devdutt Pattnaik on Indian Mythology and Rituals

Devdutt Pattanaik writes on relevance of mythology in modern times, especially in areas of management, governance and leadership. Trained in medicine, he worked for 15 years in the healthcare and pharma industries before he focused on his passion full time. He is author of 30 books and 600 columns and a TED X Speaker

EP 6 – Arranged marriages in India

How are marriages arranged? What happens? What about matrimonial ads in newspapers, do they work? Do arranged marriages succeed, are they still popular and many more questions are covered in this episode.

EP 5 – Two Shopkeepers in Delhi

This is a contrasting tale of a young jeweller who chose to open shop in old Delhi and of a 200 year old shop that sells perfumes on the same street. We talk to the owners and get their perspective on old Delhi

EP 4 – People of Delhi

Who lives in Delhi? What constitutes the 25 million people here? What do they do? Hear the heartwarming tale of a rickshaw driver, a migrant worker in Delhi

EP 3 – A historian’s take on Delhi

Meet Dr. Swapna Liddle – Author, historian and much more tells us what’s interesting about Delhi and what travellers should not miss on their trip to Delhi

EP 2 – History of Delhi

Ketaki and Anubhav cover 900 years of the history of Delhi in 15 minutes.

EP 1 – Introduction to the Experience Delhi Podcast

Hosts Ketaki and Anubhav introduce the first ever podcast on Delhi for travellers to Delhi, India.

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