EP 9 – RJ Sarthak on what to do in Delhi

In this episode, we learn about the most famous English radio voice in Delhi. RJ Sarthak shares his story and what he loves about Delhi.

We asked him:

  1. About his radio career in Delhi
  2. Why he started playing English music on radio in English?
  3. State of English radio in Delhi?
  4. How did he end up without any opportunities in radio even though he was the most recognizable voice in radio at that time?
  5. How has Delhi changed over the years?
  6. What is the best way to see Delhi?
  7. Why does he like Mehrauli?
  8. What’s interesting about the Red Fort, Delhi?
  9. Where to eat good food in Delhi?
  10. Where to hear live music in Delhi?

Why did he start playing English music? It was because he wanted to be cool like the rest of the kids.

Why is radio his passion project and the ups and down in his career.

Sarthak reminisced about Forces Request, a radio show, where he would take requests from the Indian armed forces posted all over the large country of India. He is still holding on to the postcards he got from the soldiers as prized possessions. We also discuss BBC trained journalists who trained Sarthak to be a clean RJ.

He compares the analog days of radio to the social media driven media of today.

We asked how he ended up without any opportunities in radio even though he was the most recognizable voice in radio at that time? He was quick to point out that building a radio station is hard and that this was a difficult but necessary period in his life. He found out who his real friends are.

We discuss how has Delhi changed. The people of Delhi have changed.

What is the best way to see Delhi. Why does Sarthak like the Mehrauli Archeological park. The drive he would like tourists to take to see Delhi from the revolt of 1857 to New Delhi via the city of Shajahanabad. See the less famous side of the Red fort – Salimgarh fort. The Elephant gate.

Be safe and try to do a late night drive, post 10PM through new Delhi via:

  1. Shantipath
  2. Rashtrapati bhavan
  3. Parliament house
  4. ISBT
  5. North Campus of the Delhi University
  6. Bara Hindu Rao – Mutiny memorial
  7. Metcalfe house and back to new delhi

Its a drive through history.

What should one eat in Delhi? Sarthak believes that you have to go to Old Delhi to get the best food in Delhi and to soak in Delhi. Its one of a kind place. You have to keep your eyes open in Old Delhi, there is so much to see if you observe it in detail. Old Delhi still holds the heart of Delhi.

Don’t get Sarthak started about Music. The Piano man Jazz club, the bar cat, etc. Delhi has the most promising Jazz performers in Delhi. The are so many fusion bands trying to mix Indian music with Jazz and pop. Its a vibrant scene. There are great bands and at least two small venues playing live music here.

The live music audience in Delhi is great.

We reminisce about Rhythm and Blues, the music store in Delhi and Big Joe’s which used to house the crossword music store. The owner of that store is now working with a large music label.

Amarras records is creating Barmer Boys and analog vinyl records being created in Delhi.

We talk about the Mahindra theatre awards in Delhi. There is a lot of theatre in Delhi. Delhi also is the fashion hub of the country. The designer who won the woolmark prize lives in Delhi. Its the biggest prize in fashion. Suket Dhir does sustainable fashion and he own the award. So, there are so many faces for Delhi. Seek and you shall find.., the face of Delhi that you are looking for.

“Dont judge delhi. First feel Delhi, It can come across as a heartless city but there is a beating heat. It needs to be felt and heard.”