Masala Library Course 20

Indian Accent or Masala Library

Indian accent and Masala library tasting menus are expensive. So we decided to visit both places to help our guests decide where they should splurge on their trip to Delhi. Here is my experience.

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Darbar Hall at JLF

How to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival or JLF What is the Jaipur Literature Festival? Jaipur literature festival or JLF is the largest free literary festival in the world. Over 100,000 people, 250+ writers and journalists show up for the event. Teamwork Arts does … Read More

Ludiya lady

White Desert of Kutch

White Desert of Kutch(Kuchchh) Gujarat is the western most state of India and has two fascinating sights to see in its Kuchchh (kutch) region.  Great Rann (White salt desert) Little Rann (Wild ass sactuary and migratory birds)  There is nothing … Read More

Jodhpur Blue city outlook

What to see in Rajasthan

What to see in Rajasthan in 10 days There is a lot to see and experience in Rajasthan. It is a beautiful state with old forts and charming cities with a lot of history. Here are our top picks for … Read More