The best first class lounge in the world

The Best Lounge in the World - Beautiful interiors

The best first class airport lounge in the world

Just look at the pictures that follow. The best lounge in the world is the first class lounge close to gate 63 at the Hong Kong International airport. Its called the Pier.

Here’s why:

  1. It has a full service restaurant with a different menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. The bar is fantastic
  3. This being Asia, the service is exemplary
  4. They have day suites to sleep in
  5. They have clean and nicely appointed shower rooms
  6. They have a complementary massage service that you might actually be able to use
  7. The furniture is comfortable and stylish
  8. They have lots of power sockets!
  9. They have a nice collection of magazines and newspapers including Nat Geo, The Economist, CN Traveller, Bloomberg, FT, NYT,
  10. It is not crowded. Most people don’t make it out to gate 63 and stay at the first class lounge close to Gate 3 or Bridge lounge close to gate 30.

I should mention that the The Concorde Room is second on my list. It is British Airways’ lounge exclusively for its first class travelers at Heathrow Terminal 5. You can’t get in because of status on an airline you have to have a boarding pass with first class seats on it.

It is second because its smaller and its restaurant is not that good. It is also more crowded, and the choice of beverages is wanting. The summer time Gin festival sure is nice though.

The only US lounge worth writing about is the Quantas lounge at Los Angeles’ new Tom Bradley International Terminal. The have meeting rooms. Lots of seating and a small full-service restaurant and bar. Their grilled cheese sandwich is decadent and served with fries! Its death for lunch.

Images of the best airport lounge in the world

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