Chandni Chowk – Scarves and Flags

I took a friend out shopping for an upcoming wedding in her family last week. She needed fabrics to match her sarees and material to go with suits ( salwar kameez). Natually, I thought of Chandni Chowk.

We took the metro into chandni chowk because we did not want worry about parking and it takes lesser time to get in and out of the area. Thus you can achieve a lot more in a day of shopping. The amount of people on the street still blows me away every time I go to Chandni Chowk. You should be perfectly all right with dodging garbage on the roads with mud puddles along with wires hanging on your head.

We went down the alleys exploring various borders and laces to go with the materials and were also designing simultaneously. As you know laces and borders can totally transform the look of a fabric.

We started from scratch deciding between fabrics for a particular look and found a huge variety in vibrant colors and textures.The number of options available can  turn even a non creative person into an artist. We also realised that most of the other parts of Delhi has filtered stuff from chandni chowk and at higher prices too.

Scarves and shawls Bazaar

We explored area for shawls and scarves with variety ranging from less than 100 rupees to thousands. The choice of material was fabulous from viscose to what most call as semi pashmina to actual varieties of pashmina. The embroideries and weave were available in abundant varieties. The color choices can drive you to a point of indecision.

Indian Flags

I discovered a person who sells Indian flags all around the year. She has it available in different textures and sizes. There is a reason why I am talking about this, once a Canadian friend had asked for an Indian flag as he collects the flag of the country he visits and we couldn’t find one in other markets. So this is for you Graham.

Kites are another highlight of chandni chowk. You can find vendors around the corners selling kites of multiple colors and sizes. This too is seasonal but we can always try and find one if you are really keen.  After a day of exploring, my day came to a delectable end at Karims. The texture of mutton korma was totally different from the fabrics I was exploring in the afternoon but for a foodie like me, itIt was a fit end to a day well spent.

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