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We have updated on Delhi in August guide for 2019.

  • Delhi Weather in August
  • Selected Delhi Events in August
  • What to Pack for Delhi in August

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Historical Temperature in Delhi in August

Temperature in Delhi ranges from 35C/95F to 28C/82F in Delhi in August. July and August are rainy months in Delhi. Rains in Delhi create havoc on the roads. It is best to spend time indoors or close to large parks that look pristine after it rains in Delhi.

It can be humid in the city as August has 12 days of rain. These are heavy rains which stop all outdoor activities.

Monsoon rains are a godsend. Delhi-ites or the people of Delhi relish the respite the rains bring from the hot days and live with the chaos on the roads due to water logging.

Holidays and Festivals in August 2019

  • August 2nd: Teej festival celebrates the union of Shiva and Parvathi. New brides dress up and wear henna that day.
  • August 5th: Nag Panchami – celebration and praters for snakes and wild animals. High chance of sighting snakes and snake charmers in Delhi, which are illegal.
  • August 15th is India’s independence day. Old Delhi markets are closed and under high security due to the prime minister’s address from the Red Fort on the 15th.
  • August 15th is a dry day in Delhi. No alcohol is sold that day.
  • August 11th: Bakra Id – Muslim festival to celebrate the offer of sacrifice of Ibrahim’s son. Celebrated in Old Delhi and Nizamuddin area of Delhi by feasting and rejoicing.
  • August 15th: Rakshabandhan is also on the same day. This means that the weekend of August 15,16,17 and 18 will be celebrated as a long weekend. There will be lots of people trying to leave Delhi on the 14th and the 15th. There will be many people trying to arrive in Delhi on August 18th. Airports will be crowded, so will the train stations. Give yourself a lot of time if you plan to travel on these days.
  • This also means that Delhi should be very calm on August 16,17,18th as many people would have left town.
  • Kite fights and Kite flying in Old Delhi: this is quite a highlight. You should try to fly a kite on August 15th in Old Delhi or from a roof top anywhere. It is a lot of fun. There is Also kite flying in Connaught place on August 15th.
  • August 24th: Janamashtami – birth of lord Krishna. This means that the temples will be decorated everywhere. People put together their own exhibitions on the life of Krishna. Witness the human pyramid put together to break an earthen pot full of yoghurt – called the Dahi Handi Celebration. It is said that Krishna used to steal butter and yoghurt from neighbours. This is a celebration of that. Markets in Old Delhi sell all kinds of ornamentation for home temples.

How to enjoy rains in Delhi

  • Walk around Lodi Garden
  • Walk around Hauz Khas
  • Photo ops abound as rains clean up the pollutions. The sky is clear and blue. The roads and gardens look freshly washed just for you.
  • Eat at rooftop eateries
  • Watch a movie – movie watching is cheap in Delhi with tickets costing just USD $1.5- $4 each. Tickets are available at

Selected Delhi Events in August 2019

  • World Education Forum at Leela Ambience Gurgaon from August 9-11th
  • Choose indoor activities and go Ice Skating in Gurgaon at iSkate.
  • Once the rains subside, take any of our ultimate walks of Delhi on your own.

What to pack for Delhi in August 2019

  1. Umbrella or a rain coat is a must
  2. Slippers so that you do not get your shoes wet
  3. Carry a mosquito repellent. Mosquitos start breeding after the rains in Delhi

What to avoid

  • Avoid traveling around the city roads because you will encounter a lot of traffic
  • Avoid going to old Delhi, Paharganj, Karol Bagh because there will be waterlogging in these areas
  • Do not keep windows open without mosquito nets on them.
  • Do not experiment with street food. The chances of allergies and infections rise due to the rains
  • Do not drink un sterilised water

Tours of Delhi in August

We offer our tours in Delhi. Write to us if you would like to see the best of Delhi with us

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