Eating Out At A Discount As A Tourist In Delhi

Delhi is the best place to try a variety of Indian food. From yummy street food to high-end dining, Delhi has it all. Four food apps can save you between 15-50% on eating out in Delhi. You can get 1 + 1 on many luxury hotel buffets too.

Furthermore, you can also filter restaurants based on proximity to the current location, cuisines, cost, discounts offered and dietary restrictions. This makes finding a restaurant really easy. Even locals in Delhi will probably go through one of these apps to make a recommendation for you – if you ask them for one.

You can take our food tour here.

Here is a complete list of some of the best restaurants and street food in Delhi.

In this article, we will talk about food apps and the perks they offer to paid members as well as free users. What they lack in olfactory allure, they make up for in discounts. You can make reservations at most of the restaurants directly from your phone.

Here is our guide to eating out in Delhi at a discount. We realize that there are far too many apps to choose from, so we narrowed them down to the best four. Bargain hunters should install all four apps. Convenience seekers might be happy with Dineout or Zomato.

We have also made a table comparing the deals offered to members and non-members by these apps.

Eating out as a discount – Tip #1

All of the food apps mentioned above have a free trial. Sign up for it. It gets you amazing discounts for nothing. All you need is a new phone number for a free trial, which is easy to get.

Monthly membership starts from around 900 INR or USD 13. Most tourists in Delhi can make up this fee in less than three meals. However, many discount apps do not accept foreign credit cards. So, you might have trouble getting membership.

Now, let us go through these apps in detail.

1. Dineout

Dineout provides a platform for finding restaurants and reserving tables. It provides amazing discounts to non-members and members alike. The discounts range from 10% to 50% and sometimes there even are some special discount combos at certain restaurants.

You get additional discounts when paying via the app, i.e by using dineoutPAY. There are added incentives for signing-in to the app but this is often not worth it for tourists visiting Delhi.

The app is available in Android as well as iOS. We recommend buying and using a local SIM card as the app needs a local number for verification.

How to use the Dineout app

Dine Out
Homepage of the app

You can set the location. There is a separate tab for members and another to browse Gourmet Passport offers. You can scan and pay bills using dineoutPay in-app. We definitely would not skip this while eating out in Delhi on discount.

Dine Out

You can filter the restaurants based on cuisines, dietary restrictions and amount of discount including those reserved for paid users but available to free trial users also.

Dine Out

You can reserve a table with the restaurant of your choice. You can also share the no. of guests in your party.

Dine Out

While Gourmet Passport has its own app, the Dineout app also offers the customers a choice to pick out the deals most suitable to them. You can buy the Gourmet Passport from the Dineout app as well as from the Gourmet Passport app itself.

Dine Out

2. Dineout Gourmet Passport

Dineout offers a membership-based coupon service known as Gourmet Passport. You do not need a prior reservation in a partner restaurant to redeem your coupons. 

While it is not available in many cities, Gourmet Passport has a strong network of over 1500 restaurants in the metropolis of Delhi. Worth checking out for eating out in Delhi on discount.

Gourmet passport offers 1+1 on Main Course, 1+1 on Drinks and best of all 1+1 on Buffets. Members can combine their food and drinks coupons at the same restaurant at the same time. The subscription amount depends on the number of cities and the duration of the offer chosen. However, many of these apps offer a 1-month free trial. That is enough for most tourists.

A feature that gives it an edge over the other dining apps is that just one Gourmet Passport membership is enough to book a table for 6. Other apps need you to have at least 3 memberships for the same party size. However, there is no Unlimited option which is available in Zomato Gold. 

Another striking feature is the Dineout SmartPay. You can earn Dineout Earnings in the form of cash backs when paying at the restaurants using it. So, not only can you redeem a Gourmet Passport coupon, but you can also get a cashback.  This is really not worth the hassle unless you plan to be in Delhi for long.

The app is available in Android as well as iOS.

There is an exhaustive list of FAQs and rules to ensure that most customer inquiries are answered upfront. 

Gourmet Passport

How to use the Gourmet Passport app

Gourmet Passport
Gourmet Passport
Gourmet Passport
Gourmet Passport
Gourmet Passport
Gourmet Passport

4. EazyDiner


EazyDiner also offers several coupons and gift cards for eating out. Some of these coupons are priced as low as 13 cents for a combination.


These coupons are available to non-members. The EazyDiner service is available in most big cities all across India. It is also available in Dubai. 


One of the best features of this app are the blogs that talk about seasonal cuisines, best sports bars, top restaurants around a place and even best street food eateries. All of this is available under the Food Trends tab at the homepage of the tab. 


There is EazyDiner Prime which is membership-based. There is a minimum of 25% discount available at every Prime restaurant. The membership plans are based on duration. There is a free month available for 2.8 cents, but it is auto-renewable to make sure to opt-out in time. 

Here is how to redeem gift cards and how to use the prime membership.


4. Zomato Gold


The best part about Zomato is that it offers delivery, self-pickup, and dining out services. Zomato started out as a food delivery app, which later expanded to dine-out deals. 


Zomato Gold provides 1+1 on Food and 2+2 on drinks offers at partner restaurants. The price for Zomato Gold Unlimited is 29 USD for a year’s subscription. There were other packages with a shorter duration which have been indefinitely removed. 


You can add multiple filters and take advantage of the massive discounts the app offers to non-members.

 Zomato Gold doesn’t have any additional offer when redeeming a coupon- something offered by Gourmet Passport. Although, Zomato Gold has an added advantage in terms of reach, the number of partner restaurants.

Comparing all the four apps

Dineout EazyDinerZomato
Offers for
upto 50%
upto 25% off
1+1 on buffets
upto 50% off
Fee for
INR 1495 (12 months)INR 2495 (12+1 months)
INR 995 (3 months)
INR 2 (1-month trial)
INR 2000
(12 months)
Offers for
3+3 on drinks
3+3 on main
upto 50% off
+ free drinks
1+1 on food
2+2 on drinks
One free dish
Offers on in-app
upto 20%
cashback or vouchers
worth INR 500
No. of restaurants
approx 270 approx 125596050+

  • Since Gourmet Passport is a part of Dineout, the membership fees and offers mentioned in the latter are applicable for both.

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