Everything You Must Know to be Safe in Delhi

Your Safety

Delhi combined with its satellite towns of Noida, sovaldi Gurgaon and Faridabad has a population of 27 million people. anywhere and everywhere you are sure to find people. Most of them are willing to help even when they know little or no English.

You are safe until you decide to venture out all by yourself late at night. Please avoid that unless you have a hotel vehicle or someone trustable with you.

You need to understand that Delhi has a huge population of homeless people and they work on daily wages living day to day off the street. Mostly these people are working the entire day to make a living and as soon as the businesses shut down most of these people will lineup outside an alcohol shop and that is what their evening looks like. People under the influence of alcohol make any place unsafe. Your safety is in your hand so please exercise extra caution once the sun sets.

Carrying Money Safely

As a tourist you will stand out and will attract attention of everyone around you.

1-Please leave big wallets behind and have a bag which is light and has many pockets so that you can divide the money in different pockets.

2-Do also divide your cards in different pockets and remove them from any kind of folder or wallet or an organizer. People will notice any bulging pockets and loosing a wallet with cards will cause you more inconvenience than loosing some cash from one of the pockets.

3-Please divide the money according to denominations as you are not used to the foreign currency and taking out a wad of large bills (Rs. 500 and up) in a crowded market will attract attention of lot of people.

4-If you are carrying lot of money then keeping it in a safe money belt is a good idea. You can also keep it in your socks, yes its safe there. You can have some money in your sun glass case.

Avoid Carrying Valuables

Please leave your phone and other valuable documents like passport in the hotel safe.

I have noticed people loosing their phone so often as you keep taking it out from the same pocket to take pictures and putting it back in the same pocket. Unless you are careful, people will notice which pocket to target.

Tight deep pockets always help. Avoid cargo pants and cargo jackets with lots of hanging pockets. Its way too many pocket to track. So many tourists lose wallets and phones from these pockets

Please be careful of little children with ladies as the child will divert your attention and the woman will be doing her job. Mind you most thieves are working in a group. One will push you and the other will conveniently do the job.

Lodging a Complaint with Delhi Police

In the event of loosing any important document you do not need to go to the police station. You can file a complaint online to get an official document about the complaint registration from the police authority sent to your e-mail.

In the event of a theft You can Register a complaint with the Delhi Police at


Delhi is as safe as any big city in the world. So be safe and have a Good Trip!

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