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Traveling in Delhi has becoming much easier than before. Delhi metro and reliable call a cab services have made Delhi much more navigable. My first and the most important recommendation is to have a data connection and google maps on your phone. This will really help you in Delhi. Please read my blog on Data and Sim card for Phones so that you know how to get one when you arrive. You will feel safer. You will know when someone is taking the longer route. You will be able to course correct and plan your sight seeing and shopping better as well. Moving on to recommendations… 🙂

If you are concerned of your safety then asking the hotel or your bed and breakfast to arrange for a car is the safest and the easiest mode of transport to chose while you are in the city. Your host assumes responsibility and probably will charge more than the market rate for making this recommendation.
If you find the hotel transport to be expensive then you can hire a vehicle with a chauffeur from a reputed tour company. Please do not attempt at hiring a car and driving in Delhi. Also, stay away from non branded taxis in Delhi. The experience is not that great.


Call a cab is another convenient option available. You will need a local SIM card to register for some of these services. The cab drivers will call you to get directions.
  • You can call a Meru cab and I have always had a good experience with them. Call them at 011-44224422 or book online at Meru Cabs.
  • You can also try: UberX and Uber Black-Delhi at Uber Cabs,
  • TaxiForSure is a new, well funded startup that’s doing well. I’ve tried it once and it was reliable.
All these providers have mobile apps that are very reliable.

Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro is convenient if you are staying close to the metro station and know the location of your destination well. The stations are usually connected with battery operated rickshaws that will take you to nearby destination. Cycle rickshaws are good connections between metro station and a neighborhood. They drop you right at the doorstep. This is the cheapest and the best way to travel, even if you are traveling alone and a single female traveler. There is a separate wagon on one side of the train and is marked in Pink for Ladies Only. You can check the maps here at Delhi Metro Map. This is where you can punch in the start point and the destination and it will give you the route along with the fare.


Hop on hop off bus is a convenient way to see all the important monument of Delhi. They drop you off at a location and the next bus picks you up after 45 minutes.  You can find more information at HOHO Information

DTC Bus:

The Delhi Transport Corporation  buses are convenient if you know the exact route number and there might be a long wait for the bus. This is an adventure. Be careful. This is the cheapest mode of travel but not easy to navigate. They have a night service and ladies only service available. You can get the details of the routes and timings at DTC Bus Information

Auto Rickshaws:

Auto Rickshaws or the three wheeler green and yellow rickshaws is also another way to get around the city provided you have google maps guiding you for directions as they do have a tendency of overcharging or taking you to tourist shops. The best is to ask them to go by the meter which they normally will not.You can get an idea about how much it should cost by using Taxi and Auto Fare Calculator. It may not give you an exact amount but please also consider traffic and be open to paying a little extra.


Cycle Rickshaws:

Cycle rickshaws are localized to colonies or neighborhood as they are not allowed on main roads and are mostly confined to a specific colony. They do amazingly hard work and over paying them does not feel bad. Just make sure you plant your feet firmly and hold on tight.

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