Getting tailor made business suits in Delhi

India is known for good tailor made clothes, discount so if you want that, prostate your trip should allow you to take some good quality tailor made suits back home then here is what you need to keep in mind.

Business suits can be tailor made for both men and women. My experience tells me that it is somewhat easier to find a tailor for men than women, especially when  business suits requires stitching a skirt or anything fancy like tops nd blazers.

First thing to keep in mind is that every tailor made outfit comes out best if you have the time for a trial. So have 4-5 days and if you can accommodate a week nothing like it. In case you just have  1-2 days then its a good idea to carry a sample suit.  Tailors can copy clothes in no time.

If you do not have the time or a sample then I will try and figure out something for you but then you have to give me time. I recently got  business suits done,  right from scratch, in less than 2 days. The challenge was to find a tailor who could do that. The guest gave me time to plan this out and the tailor I found was extremely efficient.

I need to keep lots of things in mind before I commit to a time span of 1-2  days. Festival time or the wedding season in India is too busy to getthis done in 1-2 days.  One last thing, it is easier to get shirts made for men than women.


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  1. akshita

    Hey! I have 4-5 days on hand and would like to get a tailor made skirt suit. Please give your contact details if possible. My contact:

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