Making the most of the tour

The idea of the shopping tour is to experience Delhi’s culture through its markets. Delhi is known for the markets as you can find goods from all over the country here. I will take you through the markets to experience our culture and explain  why people buy certain things and we will talk a lot about India. I want you to take back not only bags full of things but also beautiful memories of Delhi.  It’s the experience that I want you to enjoy and take back with you.

It helps to have a shopping list ready well in advance of the tour so that I can plan the order in which we travel from market to market, favoring time for exploring markets over traveling from one to the other. If you are  looking for very specific things then let me know in advance so that I can find a shop that carries that item. I’ll work with guests to help them prepare this list and plan their day.

Traveling to markets takes time since there can be a lot of traffic on the road and popular markets are busy on weekdays and busier on weekends. Delhi also has a unique demarcation of markets depending on what you want to buy. So if you plan early, we can cover more markets without having to circle back to find items you add impromptu.

I recently did a mistake of taking someone for a half day tour as the guest  was very busy and could only spare half a day. The guest also kept changing her mind on what she wanted to get and we wasted most of this half day tour commuting from one market to another and back. This just made for a bad day for both of us.

When possible, I recommend taking a full day tour.  A full day tour allows you to really have fun at leisure and get everything on your list without having to look at your watch every 5 minutes. I want to make it a relaxed day of exploring Delhi.

Please do not expect to find the exact same thing as trends change and things that somebody might have taken back home a few months back may not be available today. We might be able to find something similar however.  Remember that you are buying art and craft items, which are produced in smaller quantities and are subject to availability. Being flexible allows you to enjoy the markets and discover entirely new things in addition to what’s on your list.

Lets see for instance you want to buy Salwaar kameez. I don’t know what you will like. It’s only after we have been to few shops that I know what exactly you are looking for and then I can help you find it. So it’s exploring and having fun together. Its kind of like having a shopping buddy in Delhi.

When the focus is shopping along with experiencing Delhi with a local, it’s then you will have real fun. I have also noticed that the guests who had most fun were the ones who were clear what they wanted but not looking for specific colors and design.  They wanted to explore and had the full day to do it.

People who were not happy we’re the ones looking for a very specific thing and carrying a picture in hand and going from one market to another with the pictures. Not open to looking other things that Delhi has to offer but just stuck to one picture. If you are that specific then you will not enjoy the shopping tour as most likely you will not find what you are looking for. And, even if you do, you’ve missed the point of the tour.

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