Money matters – Facts about cash while traveling and shopping in Delhi. 

When you are planning to shop in India, cash is of utmost importance. It is  a nuisance if you don’t have enough and here’s why.

Lot of guide books and people would ask you to not carry a lot of cash, which is true if you are out sightseeing. If you have some serious shopping in mind then have enough cash for that day.
Before we venture into chandni chowk, I strongly recommend that you have enough cash withdrawn a day before from an ATM anywhere close to where you are staying. My experience with most ATMs in chandni chowk has not been a pleasant one. Most of them are either out of service or out of cash.  Lot of times we had to walk around looking for ATMs and that wastes a lot of time. I’d rather have you spend that time exploring the market than queuing up for cash.
Here are a few other things that I have noticed.
  • Lot of international bank cards are not accepted by ATM Machines in India. Please ensure that yours is either a master or visa card for sure,maestro and cirrus cards may also be accepted.
  • Lot of Indian National banks will not accept your card so look out for ATM Machines of SBI, HDFC, Citibank, HSBC & ICICI banks. These have given cash to all of my guests.
  • Please inform your bank in advance of your travel that you will be withdrawing a lot of cash and using credit card for amounts of high value so that you do not get stuck here.
  • Please do carry cards from more than one bank,  if one does not work, you’ll have backup.
  • ATM machines have a limit to the amount that you can withdraw at one time. This limit  is INR 10,000 (USD 180 approx). You will have to use the card multiple times to withdraw more cash. Lot of times you may think that is the limit for the day  but it is not. The daily limit is set by your bank back home so know that before hand.
Let’s continue to minimize surprises.


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