Myth of Shopping in Chandni chowk

Chandni chowk markets

I have grown up believing that you get the best deals in chandni chowk. I have known many people coming to Delhi from every where just for shopping in chandni chowk particularly for weddings. I must admit that I did my wedding shopping from chandni chowk and so did most of my cousins.

Here is an eye opener for all of us, including me. The price in most shops in chandni chowk are not on the tags but written on your face. If you notice the shop keeper will ask you the price range you want to spend and then he will show you everything that is above that price range. They will not disclose the price and will ask you to make a pile of the things that you like and will only tell you the price of the outfits that you have draped and tried. The price will then be determined on how much you liked the outfit. It’s written on your face. The salesmen are very good at this. Practicing over many generations. Do you notice the number of agents on the road trying so hard to take you to a particular saree shop. Everyone has a cut depending on the amount of purchase.

Here are ways to get a good deal in Chandni Chowk shops.

Caution: Only go there if you have lot of time. There are advantages and disadvantages of shopping in chandni chowk.

1. Do not buy the things that you like at one go. Collect the business cards and write the list of things that you liked in that shop behind the card. Take pictures if the shopkeepers allow it.

2. Once through with every shop in chandni chowk spend another day to absorb what all you have seen. Make a list of things that you really liked.

3. Visit other markets and showrooms in malls as well. Yes, you read it right. Compare the prices. Most of the saree shops in Chandni chowk also have a branch in the shopping malls and they have price tags and are fixed price shops in most cases. The advantage that you get is by testing the price. I have noticed that the stock in most showrooms is similar but the price varies a lot depending on the showrooms. Always have a reference point.

4. Once you have a reference point for the prices, go back to chandni chowk and believe me you will get the best deals now. No one can fool you as you can walk out if you think they are overpriced.

5. If you know people who can provide a decent discount and shops your relatives have tested in the past then go for it. Simple rule – dig deeper. Avoid main roads. Shops inside the market are much more reasonable.

6. Not everyone in chandni chowk is doing that but most are so look out for cues. I know lot of shops in chandni chowk which are whole sellers in the real sense as they  will have fixed price for every one who walks into their shop. They mostly will not entertain you for retail shopping. These shops are not located in the main markets but are hidden in the lanes and by lanes of chandni chowk. I like them as I know I am getting good quality for a good price.

7. Kinari Bazaar in chandni chowk is one place I have noticed that has fixed prices and are reasonable compared to anywhere in Delhi. Fabric shops in Nai Sarak are also well priced and few of them are fixed price shops. Look out for those.

Having said everything about the price and having cautioned you. There is something I succumb to,I  call this shoppers dilemma. If you really like something and you are okay with the price then get it. We all do impulsive purchases at times and we know we have paid much higher than we should.

Enjoy shopping and absorbing the experience that the oldest market in Delhi has to offer.
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    1. Abhilasha

      Could you please guide me on shops that sell wholesale fabric, maybe name them or guide how to reach, as am really on lookout of good wholesale fabric shops for me to stitch.

    2. Arshad zia

      Thank u so Much…for dis useful infrmtn..

    3. punitha

      Please tell me good shops at chandini chowk for buying good quality salwar suits, Kurtis and materials in whole sale for our shop.

    4. Naveen

      Thank you for your valuable review

    5. rekha

      thank u so much fr genuine guidance. ur observation is correct n applicable in all wholesale shooping area in india as Jaipur, benaras, jodhpur etc. thanks a lot. pl keep posting ur observation that will b eye opener for all. rekha k rana

    6. Shrangar

      This is very great information about chandni chowk market, we save our time and money after read that. SO thank you for giving us this beautiful information.

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