Myths about Delhi street food

There is something I would like to share about Delhi street food especially the ones sold in Old Delhi. Most or all vendors here have fixed spots and have had that same spot for generations. So across generations these vendors are very well known to locals. They cannot afford to lose these spot due to bad food quality. Most of these vendors do not have cold storage to store the left overs of the day. So whatever you get is prepared fresh for the day. At most vendors and smaller shops you will notice that they are preparing or cooking the fresh food in front of you.


A lot of these vendors open and run shop for only few hours of the day. There are queues to buy from them. We have grown up eating that food and have fed their food to our children as well. So, viagra order site it is ok to trust such vendors.


Selecting the right street vendor.


If there is a long queue around a street vendor which is a cause of a traffic jam—You must stop there and eat.



All street food is unhygienic and will result in a “Delhi Belly”


Not all food available off the street is bad. Check the following:

  • The food should be cooked in front of you.
  • The food should be primarily Vegetarian
  • The food should not have raw vegetables or water.



Cannot drink even bottled water off the street


As long as the bottle is sealed it is safe to buy it from a vendor off the street.



All drinks off the street are bad.


Lassi vendors in old Delhi have long waits during all seasons. So avoid this if you are lactose intolerant otherwise they have a huge selection of Lassis and most of them are not to be missed. My favorite is the Mango lassi.



All milk products are the cause of Delhi Belly


I always suggest guests to try these foods at the hotel. Milk in India is different from your home country so do not go trying everything off the street on the very first day of your trip. Get used to it before sampling milk products off the street. Cannot miss the masala chai if you are visiting Delhi.



All street food is spicy


You can at most time communicate the spice level you can tolerate. If yours is medium back home then choose the low spice level in the Old Delhi market. If in doubt about the chilli level avoid the green chutney or sauce as that is the spicy one. Red sauce is always the sweet one. You can ask them to avoid adding salad and green chillies as garnish as well.

There are many sweets like Jalebi available off the street. A must try for an extremely sweet experience.

Which foods to avoid on the street.

  • Cut fruits or vegetables.
  • Cold food
  • Water
  • Milk


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