Regency Cafe London

Regency Cafe London

Regency Cafe London

The Ultimate Fry up!

Regency Cafe, London

On the surface, Regency Cafe in London should not be on any epicurean’s itinerary.

  • There is no table service.
  • There are no tablecloths.
  • There aren’t enough tables.
  • There is a lot of shouting!
  • There are lines
  • You pay before you eat
  • You have to figure out where the menu is
  • Cash only?
  • It is away from all the sights so you can’t stumble upon it
  • It’s decor, well… is art deco
  • And then, there’s Claudia

Yet, I go there on every visit to London and it doesn’t disappoint. It is the quintessential greasy spoon. The place for blue collar workers, police, locals and the odd bewildered, confused tourist like me.

I line up. I order the eggs benedict without the bacon, I don’t think they do an eggs florentine and I dont have the balls to ask Claudia for clarifications and customisations. She runs the till and the establishment, She calls out the orders, gives you your change and she has her shit together.

I feel even more of an outsider as most locals know what they want. They know what they can ask for that’s not on the menu. They know Claudia. I mostly squint at the menu that’s on the board above the till. Its written in plastic letters pasted on a blackboard – like they used to do in the 80s. There are specials scribbled elsewhere and posted on the walls somewhere so you need to pay attention. Don’t be wasting Claudia’s time.

It helps to be intimately familiar with British breakfasts. For example, you need to know what’s bubbles and beans. No Googling doesn’t help. Even google does not know what it is and it is yummy. I happened to see someone taking their plate from the kitchen and I just pointed to it and said, “What is that? Can I get that?”. Claudia said, “Bubbles and beans” and billed me. I pay cash here. Can’t have Claudia calling the credit card machine

Food is amazing. The hollandaise is honest. The poaching perfect. The bubbles and beans are better than anywhere else in London and you get enough of them to feed a family. Oh! And dont take too long, Claudia is calling the orders. Take your coffee to go.

Why? Cause now the world knows. Yelp, Zomato and Google both list 5 star reviews and so does Tripadvisor.

Not that Claudia cares.

Address: 17-19 Regency St, Westminster, London SW1P 4BY, UK
Friday: 7AM–2:30PM, 4–7:15PM
Saturday: 7AM–12PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7AM–2:30PM, 4–7:15PM
Tuesday: 7AM–2:30PM, 4–7:15PM
Wednesday: 7AM–2:30PM, 4–7:15PM
Thursday: 7AM–2:30PM, 4–7:15PM
Phone: +44 20 7821 6596

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