Safety of women travelers in Delhi

Like any other big city of the world , Delhi is can be safe and unsafe at the same time. Delhi is a city of more than 22 million people. Yes, this is just one megacity.

What can really go wrong in a place which is so crowded?
Residents of Delhi and India in general have a much smaller expectation of personal space around them and are used people in close proximity. Most tourists, unless you are from a crowded city, become uncomfortable in this scenario. In Delhi, you are surrounded with people at all times, even if you don’t want to. There is little regard for personal space so women should be extra careful when walking in crowded markets of Delhi.

As a foreigner you are a center of attention so please dress conservatively when out and about in the markets. Please wear a long skirt or trousers or a capri or anything that covers your legs below the knees. Do also wear clothes which cover your shoulders, carrying a scarf with you is a good idea as well.

I always advise women to be back to the hotel by 9PM in the evening. If you are thinking of venturing out late at night or returning late, please plan your travel back to the hotel carefully. Taking a taxi from the hotel is a good idea. Remember your safety is most important. Like any other city of the world with lots of homeless people that work during the day, the same people are out sleeping on the streets at night, in certain parts of town. Don’t be shy about inquiring about the safety of the area you are going to or staying at. Please avoid walking alone at night. Staying in groups is always a good idea. Having a local companion also helps significantly. Having a working mobile phone with a data connection also helps. Please read by blog on traveling safely in Delhi.

Taking tours from reputed companies and relying on google maps for directions is a good idea. Being adventurous is good but please remember you are in a foreign land and do not indulge in anything that will compromise your safety.

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