Shopping at Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat, I will call it the most touristy place in Delhi. Wait, I mean it in a good way. You will find lot of tourists there and it is a must for everyone to visit.

Few things that I like personally about Dilli Haat.

Artisans from around the country display their artifacts at throw away prices, provided you know what should it approximately cost. As compared to state and cottage emporiums you can get better deals here as you can negotiate with the artisans.

You can see the most vibrant colors come to life at Dilli Haat. Due to abundance of natural light the photographs can capture them all. Its a photographers paradise.

If you are an art lover, this is the place that you should certainly visit. Artisans rotate every 15 days so every time you visit, there is something new that one can find. The pictures and offerings on display will be all different with each of my visit to Dilli Haat.

Here is a list of things that I mostly find at Dilli Haat-

–Indian traditional fabrics from different parts of the country

–Traditional Punjabi jootis,

–Scarves and shawls from the state of Kashmir with beautiful embroidery and Silks

–Madhubani paintings

–Tussar silk sarees and dupattas,

–Semi silk bananasi bed spreads with pillow covers and cushions

–Lot of home decor wooden stuff and lamps.

–Bangles and silver jewelry is a common site there.

There are lot of other things which come and go and are hard to find later. You can even experiment with henna designs on your hand or braiding your hair with multicolored threads.

India is a country where food, language and outfit changes every 200 Km. Dilli Haat showcases India at one place and is a great one stop shop for all the traditional fabrics, colors and food.

Every fortnight there is a particular cultural theme that Dilli Haat showcases. You can catch some live music and dance performance as well in the evenings.

Word of Caution…. 

–The hygiene level of the food stalls at Dilli Haat is a question mark, but I have always loved to try out different food every time I visit. As long as it is vegetarian and freshly cooked there is nothing to worry about. You can try out south Indian stuff to hot parathas or anything that they prepare in front of you.

–The other thing is that no one really knows the price of goods. So I recommend that you go around see what all is available and don’t buy the first thing that you like. Mostly the same things will also be available at other stalls and will give you a good idea about the price range as well. Do not look very keen on buying the stuff.

–Dilli Haat artisans predominantly accept cash. I always face a problem with the ATM machine at Dilli Haat. Suggest you to carry enough cash to shop there or in case you run out, go down to the INA metro station and there is a SBI ATM Machine which accepts most cards and has cash. Retain your entry ticket and inform the guard so that he can let you come back on the same ticket.

 I can assure you that a visit to Dilli Haat will surely delight you.

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