Ultimate Guide – Pahargaj Market in Delhi

Paharganj Market

Paharganj Market in Delhi

Paharganj is backpacker central in Delhi. 

It is the place where backpackers stay, shop and eat at. It is full of cheap places to stay, eat and shop. It is crowded. Roads are narrow and can be noisy. It is next to the New Delhi railway station and it is central to most sights in Delhi. This is why people choose to stay here. 

New Delhi Railway Station 10AM-9PM Moderate crowds Monday Cash and some credit

Paharganj Market in Delhi

Location on Google Map



Multani Dhanda, Paharganj, New Delhi, Delhi, Pin code – 110055

Opens from Tuesday to Sunday 

Closed on Monday 

Opens at 11:00 am

Closes at 9:00 pm

Nearest Metro station is RK Ashram on Blue Line and New Delhi Metro Station on Yellow line. 

How to get to Paharganj Market?

Paharganj Market is a chaotic, crowded market located in the heart of the city. It is right opposite the New Delhi Railway Station. You just have to step out of the railway station, cross the road and there you are. If you are going by metro you have to get down at R.K Ashram marg metro station which is on the blue line. Exit from gate no. 5 as it is closest to the market. If you are on the yellow line, you can get down at the New Delhi metro station too. Paharganj Market is at a walking distance from both the stations. This Market is best explored on foot. 

Distance to the market from Indira Gandhi International Airport is around 16 Km via Vandemataram Marg and NH 48. 

From the New Delhi Railway Station is around 1 Km. 

From Nizamuddin Railway Station is around 11 Km via Dr Zakir Hussain Marg. 

From Kashmiri Gate bus stand is around 8 Km via NH 44.

Why go to Paharganj Market? 

Paharganj Market is one of the older areas of Delhi and is popular for its cheap lodgings. It is a noisy and busy market place, full of tourists looking for a cheap place to stay in Delhi. This is a paradise for backpackers. It has many vendors selling an abundance of products like Clothes, Footwear, Bags, Jewellery etc. 

What should you buy from Paharganj?


There are a variety of stores selling clothes at a very cheap rate. You can buy daily wear clothes for less than 3 USD. You can also buy or rent wedding dresses. There are shops selling embroidered textiles too. One of the famous shops selling embroidered textiles is Shanti Hand loom. 

Home décor items 

Paharganj Market is famous for handcrafted products. You will get eye catching wall hangings, cushion covers, carved wooden Statues and lots more to explore. One of the well known shops for home furnishing items is Guru Handicraft Emporium. You can also get some classic, antique masterpieces here.  Most of them “antiques” here are fake replicas. Don’t overpay for them. 


Paharganj is full of stores selling a variety of books at a low price. You can also buy second hand or used books. These stores offer you all kinds of books including Cultural books,contemporary novels, Fiction and Non- Fiction. The well known Jackson’s Bookstore offers you literature on various subjects. You can buy daily wear clothes, scarfs, kurtas, colorful woolens for less than 4 USD. 


Paharganj is full of vendors and hawkers selling beautiful, mesmerising jewellery at a comparatively lower price. These vendors have so much to offer you like bangles, rings, earrings, handmade beaded necklaces etc. Some of the popular jewellery stores are-

  • Jurek’s Jewellery. This outlet not only sells but also exports silver jewellery, jewellery made up of precious stones etc. You will get a wide collection of unpolished gems here. 
  • Jewel Junction 

Ittar( Natural Perfume) 

Hidden in the streets of the Paharganj Market lies so many stores selling Ittar in bottles, boxes as well as roll ons. This is something which you will not get easily at other markets in Delhi. You will have a wide range of fragrances in front of you to choose from like Rose, Sandalwood, lemongrass, musk, Lavender and lots more. These Ittar will cost you less than 2 USD. 


This market offers an exotic range of backpacks as well as handbags. Whether you are looking for sling bags, side bags, clutches or leather satchels, this market is going to complete your shopping list. You can also get a wide variety of leather bags here. 


Here you will see so many sellers selling a wide range of footwear including casual wear, formal wear and sports shoes. You will also find vendors selling colorful leather bellies with some embroidery or stone work as well as traditional Indian footwear. One of the popular footwear stores is Saluja & Bitto Footwear. This outlet offers you not only designer footwear but you can also get customized ones.

Mehendi (Henna) Artists 

On the roadside you will find some artists asking you for Mehendi or Henna. Mehendi is a traditional way of temporary tattooing the hands and legs with beautiful designs. These artists will offer you the Mehendi art at a very affordable price and in just 5-10 minutes. 

Apart from this there are a few sellers selling incense products like incense sticks and Indian tea etc. You will also see some hookah shops here offering you wide range of  Hookahs of different sizes. You can still find some shops selling Indian Music CDs too. 

What is Paharganj Market famous for? 

Paharganj (which means Hilly Neighborhood) is famous for the pocket friendly hotels and accommodation. Here you will find many shops selling cheap products. Here you will not only buy the products but you can discover stories too. Delhi’s first cinema hall “Sheila Cinemas” is also in Paharganj. 

How old is Paharganj market?

This place was popularly known as Shahganj or King’s Ganj during the Mughal era. This place got its existence in 18th Century. 

Restaurants near the Paharganj Market 

There are many restaurants offering delicious food. Some of the well known eateries are

  • Metropolis – It was established in 1928 and was known as Shri Nand Lal Sharma Dhaba. But now it has been converted into a 3 storey hotel “Metropolis famous” for its roof top dining. 
  • Sam’s – It offers you a great roof top dining experience 
    • Exotic Rooftop Restaurant 
  • Shim Tur This place offers South Korean food. 
  • Open Hand Cafe and Gallery
  • Leo’s Restaurant
  • Cafe Festa
  • Malhotra Restaurant 
  • The Drunkyard Cafe

Points to remember while going to Paharganj? 

  • As it is a heavily crowded market, pick pocketing is so common. So better you look after your belongings. 
  • Bargain as much as you can to get a better price deal. 
  • Be vary of drug peddlers & people prying on young backpackers here. 

Other places nearby to Paharganj Market 

Walking Tour of Paharganj

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