Ultimate walk through Kotla Mubarakpur

Bade Khan ka Gumbad

Kotla Mubarakpur walk in Delhi

Kotla is a hidden gem in Delhi. 15th century relics live side by side with modern construction and cars here.

The tomb of Mubarakshah from the 15th century is a classic example. Medieval Walls of this fortified area have now been used as foundations for newer constructions. Mubarakshah was a ruler of Delhi in the Delhi Sultanate period and a part of the Sayyid dynasty. The Sayyids believed they descended from the Prophet Mohammad!

Very few people in Delhi actually see the sights in this area of Delhi. This is hard to believe since the sights are located right behind the “South Extension market”. This is one of the most frequented and expensive shopping areas in Delhi. You will see the following sights on this walk

3.3 Kms / 2.1 Miles 4 Hours South Ex

Here is the walking map followed by walking distances

Walking distances:

Point A – Point B: 700 meters or 12 minutes
Point B – Point C: 450 meters or 8 minutes
Point C – Point D: 550 meters or 10 minutes
Point D – Point E: 1750 meters or 25 minutes

The Tomb of Mubarakshah and his wife

Pillars outside the tomb of mubarakshah
Pillars outside the tomb of mubarakshah
Tomb of Mubarakshah
Tomb of Mubarakshah
Tomb in neglect
Tomb in neglect


Rulers of Delhi in the 15th Century. Mubarak Shah was killed by one of his former ministers with help of Hindu courtiers. The sultanate passed on to his nephew Muhammad Shah. His son voluntarily abdicated the throne to the first Lodi king Bahlul Khan Lodi in 1451.

Stray dogs and filth are found on the streets in this neglected area of Delhi. Actually, stray dogs, cows, bulls, goats and monkeys can be found in Delhi easily.

The octagonal tomb houses the graves of Mubarakshah and probably his wife. Notice how the grave at the back has a pencil box like potrusion. This is called a Kalam and is only on top of tombs for males. The woman’s tomb has a flat board called a Takhti. This symbolism is sexist and shows the prevalent thinking at that time.

There are more graves there, one of a child perhaps but we are not sure.

The Dome of Bade Khan

This is a beautiful Lodi period tomb. The Lodis came to power after the Sayyid’s rein ended. Its so impressive to look at that its hard to imagine that the Indian government does not look after it more than it does. “Bade” means elder. You can take the stairs to the top of this monument.


Bade Khan ka Gumbad
Bade Khan ka Gumbad


The tomb from 1481AD is the earliest tomb from the Lodi period. It looks like it has many stories when in fact it only has one. This is typical Lodi architecture. It’s very well preserved and so is the smaller tomb next door.


Bade Khan and Chote Khan tombs
Bade Khan and Chote Khan tombs

The Dome of Chhote Khan

A Smaller dome right next to the dome of Bade Khan. “Chhote” means younger in age or smaller. This is also a very impressive dome but smaller than the Dome of Bade Khan. It has good plaster work and the interior is still well maintained.

Darya Khan’s Tomb

This is a tomb of Darya Khan Lohani. It is a very well laid out structure but in ruins now. He was the chief justice of the first king of the Lodi dynasty – Bahlul Khan Lodi. This 16th century tomb is mostly in ruins but is still nice to see.

Darya Khan Lohani's tomb
Darya Khan Lohani’s tomb

Masjid Moth

A bit of a walk away from Darya Khan’s tomb this mosque is well preserved and not used as a mosque anymore. There is barely anyone inside the mosque and it’s kind of amazing sanctuary in the middle of a bustling market area in Delhi.

Masjid moth or moth mosque is not used as a mosque now but is well preserved and worth the 20 minute walk from the South extension market. There is barely anyone here in the mornings. The mosque’s exteriors also have Chatri’s borrowed from the Hindu Rajput kings from hundreds of years ago.

Masjid Moth
Masjid Moth
Masjid Moth 1
Masjid Moth Chhatri
Masjid Moth from the outside
Masjid Moth from the outside

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