Visiting the Andaman Islands – One week itinerary

mangroves at Havelock

Here is how to visit the Andaman Islands and a one week itinerary for havelock and Port Blair.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an off the beaten track destination. The islands seem far away and hard to fit into a trip to India. This is no longer true

Why go to the Andaman Islands

  • I’d go just for the Scuba diving. Andaman reefs are recovering from the Tsunami in 2004  that caused massive destruction. 
  • I’d go just to relax in a remote part of the world.
  • I’d go to see the Jarawa Tribe while they are still untouched. They are one of many tribes without any contact to the outside world on the Andaman Island. See their images here
  • I’d go to see Cellular Jail in Port Blair where the British tortured Indian freedom fighters for over 11 years from 1906 onwards. Its the closest to Guantanamo you can get in India. 
  • I’d go there to visit Radhanagar beach, which one the 8th best beach in the world

One week in Andaman Islands

Considering that flights will get you into Port Blair, it will be good to time your flight in so that you can catch the afternoon Ferry out of Port Blair at 1:30PM. If not, spend the night in Port Blair and go to the cellular jail. Take a guide. 

There are two itineraries. One covers the most visited islands and great diving. The other one covers the off the beaten path destinations in Andaman Islands like Diglipur and Smith and Ross Islands

Itinerary for Havelock and Neil Island

  • Day 1: Port Blair
  • Day 2: Havelock Island
  • Day 3: Havelock Island
  • Day 4: Havelock Island
  • Day 5: Neil Island
  • Day 6: Neil Island
  • Day 7: Port Blair (Fly out)

Itinerary for North Andaman – Diglipur and Smith and Ross Islands

  • Day 1: Port Blair
  • Day 2: Take the long drive to Diglipur – about $200 by Taxi for a 2 – day trip
  • Day 3: Diglipur – Relax. See the mud volcanos and the Olive Ridly turtles
  • Day 4: Diglipur – Day visit to Smith and Ross Island
  • Day 5: Havelock Island – Dive in the afternoon
  • Day 6: Havelock Island – See Radhanagar beach and Trek to Elephant beach
  • Day 7: Port Blair (Fly out)

This itinerary goes via the area where the Jarawa live. It is frowned upon to interact with them but you can catch glimpses of them on your drive to north Andaman. 

How to get to the Andamans

There are several direct flights to Port Blair from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata with round trip fares less than USD 150 per person. Flights from Mumbai connect via Kolkata or Chennai

Search for cheap fares on Google Flights. Book atleast 6 weeks in advance to get good fares. At the most the fares will be between USD $150-$250 per person for this 4.5 hour flight from DEL to IXL (Port Blair) 

Where to stay in Andamans

Stay at: 

  1. SeaShells Port Blair

Havelock Island

  1. Taj Exotica – Stay here. Its the newest and only Exotica at if you can afford it. Its right next to Radhanagar Beach
  2. Barefoot at Andaman -if you can afford it. Its right next to Radhanagar Beach
  3. Seashells resort – Middle of the road option. Really modern and nice rooms
  4. Eco Villa Beach Resort – Rustic resort close to beach number 3 in Havelock. Best value for money. Get the A/C room. Modern and simple. 

Andaman Ferry Cost

Book Ferries before you get to Andaman. It will reduce anxiety. The tickets can sell out during busy periods. The ferries cost around USD$15 for each leg from Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands. 

The Makruzz Ferries are the best. They are modern Catamarans. They have comfortable seats and good air conditioning. They also play a video during the 1.5 hour ride to Havelock that shows all the islands and sites in the Andamans. 

If they are out of tickets, try Green Ocean Ferries. Buy the Royal class ticket only. Its only USD $3 more expensive than the regular ticket. Royal class is so much better. You dont have to listen to obnoxious dance music that they play in other classes or deal with window less seats on the ride. 

What to do in Port Blair

There is no point in spending time in Port Blair. Spend time away from the capital city of the Andaman Island. Go to Havelock or North Andaman as soon as possible. 

If you do have a day here go and see the Cellular Jail. That’s it. Eat at a local restaurant like:

  1. The New Lighthouse Restaurant
  2. Annapurna Restaurant

What to do in Havelock

I’d highly recommend doing atleast 3 days of diving in Havelock. You They are really good. If you are a certified diver, please make sure you go to the three dive sites discovered by three brothers.

Diving in Havelock

  1. Dickson’s Pinnacle
  2. Johnny’s Gorge
  3. Jackson’s Bar

You will see:

  • Black tip sharks
  • Sea cucumbers
  • Soft corals
  • Eals
  • Sting rays
  • A Whale Shark if you are lucky
  • Octopus
  • Barracuda’s
  • Blue Trevailly
  • Big Eye Trevailly
  • Huge Schools of fish
  • Lion fish
  • Scorpion fish
  • so so much more

At only USD $70 for two boat dives, its so worth it.

The three brothers that discovered these dive sites also run and have a lot of information on the dive sites in Havelock

If diving is not your cup of tea, then do the following

  1. Spend a nice afternoon and evening at Radhanagar beach
  2. Have lunch at Barefoot at Havelock close to Radhanagar
  3. Spend the morning hiking to Elephant beach 
  4. Have a nice meal at Seashells hotel
  5. Have a nice dinner at Something Different
  6. Have a nice dinner at Full Moon Cafe
  7. Have a nice dinner at Anju Coco

Hope you have a great time visiting Andaman Islands

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