Weather in Delhi and what to pack for your trip to Delhi

Weather in New Delhi

Weather in Delhi and what to pack for your trip

Delhi has four very distinct seasons

The climate of Delhi is a blend of dry heat during summer April-June and monsoon influenced, humid and subtropical during the months of June-August. It has semi arid winters between October-March. There is a high variation between summer and winter temperatures and precipitation so it is appropriate to dress accordingly.

The table below will give you a fair idea about temperatures around the year and what to pack.


Summer in Delhi

May -June 95°- 115°F Wear comfortable cotton clothing to aid the absorption and evaporation of sweat, which will cool you down. Best to stay indoors in the afternoon.

Moonsoons in Delhi

July - Sept 82° - 104°F Very high humidity. Carry comfortable fast drying fabrics, shoes, Umbrella, or ponchos also a plastic cover to protect your phone.

Autumn in Delhi

Sep - Nov 94°- 56°F This is also the mosquito season so full sleeves clothing will be better. Also carry mosquito repellent. Lots of it. You will need it.

Winters in Delhi

Dec - Mar 47°-70°F Carry a jacket. I can get very cold during early mornings and late nights. There is no central heating in India in hotels & BnBs

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