What do guests buy

Everyone wants to take a bit of India back with him or her. So, sickness people buy:

  • Textiles
  • Shawls of various kinds
  • Readymade garments
  • Custom tailored garments

Most people buy textiles. This generally includes fabrics with variety of colours, view which are mostly unstitched. My guests have been interested in using these fabrics as bed spreads, throws, table cloths, wall hangings or for curtains. Others look to stitch these into bags, dresses, pillow cases & cushion covers.

When I am talking about fabrics then a lot like to buy ready made tops like the Kurtas. Some preferred tailor made ones too. See my post of getting tailor made clothes in India for more information. I should also talk about shawls and Pashminas. Almost everyone likes to take a few extra to give away to friends & family back home.

As India is famous for its colours, most people like wall hangings with glitters and cushions with gold borders for home decor. Lot of my guest like to take back an elephant, not a real one of course 🙂 but made of different materials like stone, wood, brass or metal. There is a huge variety to choose from.

Depending on the season guests like to take back items to wrap Christmas gifts. These come is many different varieties. If you are a like paper then there is a market just dedicated to paper and various item to decorate gifts in an Indian style.
Hand made leather shoes, called jootis or mojaries are a favorite. They can be plain leather ones or with colourful embroidery.
People also like to buy spices like saffron and some whole spice mixtures. There are lot of spice mixtures available in the market for different recipes.
Everyone is looking for Jewelry since Indian designs are so different. Guest buy simple silver jewelry or more ornate costume jewelry. Some are looking for traditional Indian designs and others for a modern look. Jewelry can be with kundan or with other semi precious stones. Few are also interested in buying gold Jewelry. White metal is more reasonable whereas silver and gold prices fluctuate everyday. There are few who are just looking for strings of different semi precous stones. Since customization is generally possible, you will be able to make slight changes in the length or the style right away. While talking about jewelry I must mention glass bangles, which are liked by most.
There is a huge variety of paintings Available by local artists. Lot of people are interested in buying traditional styles while others are looking for modern style with an Indian touch.
There also have been peculiar demands like lassi glasses and perfumes and other things but that makes it fun to explore the markets to find what you are looking for.  Lots of time, you just dont know what you might find.
Happy shopping


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