What to do in Delhi at night

Delhi is not safe at night for wandering about alone. This said, if you go to the following places and you have safe transportation to these destinations and back, you will have a great time. The hotel or your tour company can provide you one.

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Delhi is open late. Actually, specific places are. Markets usually close by 9:30PM. So what do you do after 9:30 in Delhi? You go eat. Or, you go drink and then eat. People normally eat supper at 9PM in Delhi.

A great way to spend the evening is to watch The sound and light show at the Old fort (Purana Qila). This one hour show starts at 7:30PM during the winters. Do bring a sweater and a jacket it can get really cold. At 8:30PM, go to the nearby Pandara road market or Khan market for eats.

At Pandara Road, try Ichiban for Indian Chinese food. Yes, that’s right. A Japanese name for a restaurant that serves Indianized Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. Stick to Chinese is all I’m saying. If you really want to have good curry try Havemore or Pindi. Both these long standing restaurants serve standard fare like Dal and Naan and Butter Chicken.

If you go to the Khan market, eat at Khan Chacha. This place makes delectable chicken, paneer and lamb rolls. Its become a lot more expensive over the years but finally has a place to sit and eat, if you get there early enough.

Thursday and Friday evenings are free Qawaali nights at Nizamuddin  and are free. You could replace the sound and light show in the above plan with a trip to Nizamuddin. Make sure you carry a cloth to cover your head and are comfortable depositing your shoes just before you enter the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Its a one of a kind experience. Its free. So is the shoe service. Both the markets mentioned above are close to Nizamuddin as well. Qawaali starts at 7PM and then after prayers at around 9PM again.

Qawaali night at the Shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin
Qawaali night at the Shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin

If you are loaded, you can spend way more than you could have imagined by eating and drinking at any five star hotel in Delhi. We recommend getting rid of your surplus income at:

  • The Imperial
  • The ITC Maurya hotel.
  • The Taj Mahal hotel
  • The Leela palace, New Delhi

Any restaurant at these hotel is open late and serves great food. A meal with drinks here will set you back by US $60 per person. Just like a typical dinner and drinks meal in San Francisco today but with much more lux. If you drink more, you can easily cross US $100/person. If you order wine here. God help you.

All these places take credit cards and have english menus.

If are not loaded, you should go to sleep. Just kidding. You should join normal folk at:
Pandara road market
Hauz Khas
DT and DLF malls at Vasant Kunj (restaurants close by 11:30PM)
Basant Lok Market
Khan Market
Informal, Connaught place
Imperfecto in Hauz Khas, Gurgaon or Noida is very lively and easy to enjoy as a tourist

I would not recommend being out later than 12AM at night. If you still feel the need, I would hand out at a bar at a 5 star hotel. These are the only safe places at this hour. Most local bars like Q’BA in Connaught place close at 12:30AM.

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