Chandni Chowk

Best Neighbourhoods To Stay In Delhi For Tourists

Picking the right neighborhood to stay is very important. Especially in a bustling city, as diverse as Delhi. Be sure to choose a location that checks all the boxes- safe, easily approachable, closer to the tourist spots and markets.  Based … Read More

Haveli in Old Delhi

Tour the Havelis of Old Delhi

We list 9 must see havelis (mansions) in Old Delhi in this post and where to find them.
The Havelis of Old Delhi are crumbling. See them before they do.

The Havelis in Chandni Chowk are fascinating but time is taking its toll on them. Due to utter neglect and successive division of ancestral property, these Haveli’s are in ruins.

The haveli’s in old Delhi look nothing like the well preserved havelis in Rajasthan. Many of the havelis were destroyed in the Indian revolt of 1857, which led to the siege and plunder of Old Delhi

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Khairul Manazil structure

Ultimate Old Fort Walk in Delhi

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Scalloped arched door

Ultimate Old Delhi Walk

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Chandni chowk markets

Myth of Shopping in Chandni chowk

I have grown up believing that you get the best deals in chandni chowk. I have known many people coming to Delhi from every where just for shopping in chandni chowk particularly for weddings. I must admit that I did … Read More

Taj fogged out entirely

What to do in Delhi in winters

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Old Delhi from the rooftop

Categorising Delhi Markets

We are categorising Delhi Markets so that you can shop efficiently in Delhi. Growing up in Delhi I have seen distinct categories of markets evolve over the last few year. These range from local neighborhood markets to popular shopping destinations … Read More

Chandni Chowk – Scarves and Flags

I took a friend out shopping for an upcoming wedding in her family last week. She needed fabrics to match her sarees and material to go with suits ( salwar kameez). Natually, I thought of Chandni Chowk. We took the … Read More