Old Delhi Tour

See the Real Delhi

Old Delhi 4-10 Hours AC Car and Driver

Old Delhi Tour

Our old Delhi Tour is the most comprehensive experience of Old Delhi. Unlike group tours you will visit peoples homes, eat authentic street food, shop for the best bargains. You will visit rooftops, ride rickshaws and grab a slice of life in this amazing part of Delhi. All tours are led by owner – Ketaki. And, obviously you will see old Havelis and sights.

Old Delhi tour includes some of the most mouth watering street food. Suitable for vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike. 

It also includes a visit to the spice market.

Only Owner-led Tours of Delhi

Ketaki’s tours are customised to your needs. Unlike most other tour operators in Delhi, all our tours are led by Ketaki herself. She is an expert storyteller and an experienced traveller that’s been to 31 countries and lived outside India. This gives her much better context for her conversations with you and she can compare and contrast Indian customs and rituals with others around the world. 

Ketaki is an expert shopper and cook. Take this tour and never get fleeced throughout your trip to India.

Get a smart, educated and entrepreneurial woman’s point of view on Delhi.

Enjoy our culture, shopping, fragrances and food on this amazing tour of Delhi.

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the tour

Ketaki at Radhanagar Beach
Your Guide in Delhi: Ketaki

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Spending time in Old Delhi

Its hard to do Old Delhi by yourself. It is crowded and chaotic.

Our Old Delhi tour starts at 11AM an ends around 4PM. The private tour is customised to your availability. 

Business travelers take this tour after work.

I will pick you up from your hotel. We’ll visit the Old Delhi market of Chandni Chowk to experience traditional shopping, food and sights in Delhi. 

We cover the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Old Delhi on this tour.

There is no obligation to buy anything.

All meals with monument tickets are charged on actual. The amount is payable in Indian Rupees at the start of the tour. I recommend taking this tour of you have just a few hours discover the city.

We customise this tour to your time and interests. Write to us. 

Historic Delhi

We will cover the havelis and sights of Old Delhi

Cover ground

Ketaki's experience will help you see and understand a lot of Delhi in this short tour.

Safe Street food

Sample safe and yummy street food in Old Delhi

Hotel Pickup & Dropoff

Pick and drop in an A/C Sedan.

Rickshaw ride

Ride a rickshaw through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. Enjoy this experience as you navigate the narrow lanes of 18th Century Delhi


See old Delhi markets and pick up gifts for family and friends at unbeatable prices. Shop where the local's shop at local prices.

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Old Delhi

Old Delhi Tour


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Ketaki has great reviews on Tripadvisor Delhi Tours

There isn't a better way to see Delhi

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