Food tour of Delhi

Taste delicious street food in Old Delhi and see the sights

Street Food of Delhi 4 Hours AC Car and Driver

Food Tour of Delhi

Have some of the best and most authentic food on this amazing tour of Delhi. Locals flock to Old Delhi because it has the best food in Delhi. 

On this food tour of Delhi we will visit the largest spice market in Asia. Savour safe street food and eat what locals do in Old Delhi. 

The Food tour of Delhi includes our favourite things to eat in Delhi. These are: 

  1. Aloo Tikki-potato cakes
  2. Chole Bhature-Chickpea curry with fried bread
  3. Pani Poori-Crispy balls of bread filled with lentils and spicy water.
  4. Matra Kulcha- Pea Lentils mixed with spices and served with fermented bread.
  5. Lassi- Savoury or Sweet 

We will also savour some seasonal items that only show up in the market when the ingredients are fresh. 

Unlike most group food tours of Delhi, the tour is customised to suite your dietary restrictions. Weather you are gluten intolerant, Vegan, Vegetarian, our tour is customised to make this enjoyable for you.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the tour. 

The food tour includes walking around, shopping and seeing what most tourists miss out in Old Delhi. We will also visits the amazing spice market of Khari Baoli on this tour. It is so interesting, we are mentioning it twice!

Only Owner-led Tours of Delhi

Ketaki’s tours are customised to your needs. Unlike most other tour operators in Delhi, all our tours are led by Ketaki herself. She is an expert storyteller and an experienced traveller that’s been to 31 countries and lived outside India. This gives her much better context for her conversations with you and she can compare and contrast Indian food, customs and rituals with others around the world. 

Ketaki is an expert shopper and cook. Take this tour and never get fleeced throughout your trip to India.

Get a smart, educated and entrepreneurial woman’s point of view on Delhi.


Ketaki at Radhanagar Beach
Your Guide in Delhi: Ketaki

Customize your Food Tour of Delhi

    Food tour of Delhi

    Food Tour of Delhi with Ketaki. Delhi on your Plate. Eat and experience the best of Delhi

    Inclusions in the Food Tour of Delhi

    Cover ground

    We will start in the markets of old Delhi eating at established shops and see Chandni Chowk & the Spice Market.

    Safe Street food

    Sample safe and yummy street food in Old Delhi at 5-6 different places. Come with an empty stomach

    Hotel Pickup & Dropoff

    Pick and drop in an A/C Sedan. This will ensure that your belongings and shopping is stored safely.

    Rickshaw ride

    Ride a rickshaw through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.

    We will pick you up from your hotel at 10.30AM and our day starts in Old Delhi market of Chandni Chowk to experience more traditional street food of Delhi.

    Locals flock to Old Delhi because it has the best food in Delhi. You will get to taste the same food. 

    Not all food will be spicy or fried. We will sample sweets as well as savoury items

    The tour includes a pick and drop. 

    Ketaki will be your host and she will contrast street food with home cooked food in Delhi. We end the tour with a visit to the spice market so that you can get set up your own spice box at home. 

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