Currency change implications for travellers

If you are already in Delhi or are traveling to India post 9th of November 2016, you should accommodate the recent currency demonetization in your travel plans. The Government of India banned all existing ₹500 and ₹1000 notes on November … Read More

Shipping shopping back home

All flights have baggage restrictions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the restrictions for your airline. Its always good to know the cost of including an extra 23kg bag for your class of travel. You can compare this to the … Read More

What do guests buy

Everyone wants to take a bit of India back with him or her. So, sickness people buy: Textiles Shawls of various kinds Readymade garments Custom tailored garments Most people buy textiles. This generally includes fabrics with variety of colours, view … Read More

Old Delhi from the rooftop

Categorising Delhi Markets

We are categorising Delhi Markets so that you can shop efficiently in Delhi. Growing up in Delhi I have seen distinct categories of markets evolve over the last few year. These range from local neighborhood markets to popular shopping destinations … Read More

Making the most of the tour

The idea of the shopping tour is to experience Delhi’s culture through its markets. Delhi is known for the markets as you can find goods from all over the country here. I will take you through the markets to experience … Read More

Money matters – Facts about cash while traveling and shopping in Delhi. 

When you are planning to shop in India, cash is of utmost importance. It is  a nuisance if you don’t have enough and here’s why. Lot of guide books and people would ask you to not carry a lot of … Read More